about us: Matt & Teri mead

We believe in drawing out raw beauty and emotions from you and the world around us.

We believe in honesty, integrity and hard-work. 

We believe in simple and natural imagery; not flashy, trendy, super saturated styles .

We believe in images that take you back to the precise moment I pushed the shutter.  

We believe in being quirky, weird, and, above all else, authentic.

We believe in dinners cooked together with a good bottle (or two) of red wine. 

We believe that wine, whiskey and Guinness are their own food groups.

We believe our dogs deserve to be treated like royalty.

We believe in being the people our dogs think we we are. 

We believe in building a life together and going on crazy adventures.

We believe in nomad feet and wandering toes. It’s a big world out there. Go see it. 

We believe in pineapple and umbrella drinks on white sand beaches.

We believe there are two types of adventurers: One uses scuba tanks to explore the ocean. The other stays on dry land to quality control the local rum.  The world needs them both.