In my hometown of Erie, PA, Topics Salon opened its doors to serve & style the public. My friend, stylist & owner Victoria Truchanowicz proudly runs her new establishment, excited to style & beautify the people of our city. For the 2017 Paul Mitchell “Color Outside the Lines” hair-color contest, I was contacted to shoot the […]

A while back my good friend, Clark, approached me about an idea he had for some headshots. He wanted to show the more moody, dark, and serious side of himself. Outwardly my friend is very joking, fun loving, and goofy. Inwardly, however, it’s a much different story. This might come as a surprise to some […]

For the past two years Matt Mead Photography, LLC has done its’ fair share of corporate head shot jobs. So, we’ve decided it’s time to make head shot portraits a staple in the LLC’s toolbox. 2016 started off with doing the corporate head shots for Mercer Cleveland, Mercer Pittsburgh, and LCBA in Erie. In order […]

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