Love is so fascinating. I have found that many of the relationships that work the best are founded upon mutual respect, honesty and sharing of interests. Erica and Brendan would soon develop the former two, but their interest toward one another began with a humble interest of the same activity and lifestyle. Interest developed into […]

When we planned Cassandra and Patrice’s engagement shoot at Presque Isle State Park, we knew it would be a beautiful location but didn’t expect such a beautiful sunset overlooking the park at Lake Erie! Cassandra wanted beach photos for their engagement portraits and I just knew they would look amazing with one of our famously gorgeous […]

You don’t expect to get a request to photograph someone’s wedding at a roller derby photo shoot, but that’s exactly what happened. It was a pretty typical photo shoot with the Eerie Roller Girls. The skaters were having fun, breaking my chops, and being all around goof balls. Here we were taking photos for their […]

It was a simple Facebook post that led me to photograph Alyssa and Chris Myers’ wedding.  Alyssa’s mom is one of Teri’s adult education colleagues and friends. Earlier this year, she posted to ask for recommendations for local wedding photographers. Teri commented on her post and the rest, as they say, is history. Because the Myers’ […]

From the beginning in 2013, we at Matt Mead Photography LLC “vowed” to NEVER enter the world of wedding photography. You know what they say; Never say never. I’m not exactly sure who they are, but that old saying certainly rings true here! Last year, we dipped our toe into the proverbial pool and agreed to […]

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