Living Outside My Comfort Zone: The LLC Podcast

Another blog post, another Showit United 2016 takeaway. “Success starts outside of your comfort zone.” Boy, does it ever!   I decided, once we got back, to start living outside of my comfort zone. Since then I have begun to notice some positive results, especially in my local photography market.  Some might say that the Erie, Pa market is saturated with photographers. I say that you need to work to increase your local brand awareness. While we have started to increase our local brand awareness, it is still a work in progress.

Being a shameless self-promoter? Yeah, you guessed it, light years outside of my current comfort zone.  Because I’m not a flashy person, I tend to like to blend in to the crowd. The last thing I want to do is look like I’m tooting my own horn. The LLC needed a nudge to expand that uncomfortable comfort zone.  

Alex Womer stepped up to the plate with an idea to launch a weekly podcast. You might know him as the Assistant Production Director at Connoisseur Media. Also, the host of the best weekly sports talk radio show on the airwaves — The Sports Blitz on AM 1330 . You can now add producer of the weekly LLC podcast to his accolades.  The first installment is a little background on us at Matt Mead Photography LLC.

Click the play button below to enter the ride into who we are and where we came from at the LLC. Stay tuned for next week’s edition where we dig into more of what makes the LLC tick. Want to see what I’m talking about? Head over to my website and scroll through my work.







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