What’s in my Camera Bag: Essential Tools for Killer Sports Photography

As you can see on my social media pages, sports photography is a fairly large part of the LLC’s work week. So much so that I regularly teach a sports photography workshop at the Erie Art Museum. One of the most frequently asked questions in my workshop is, “What’s in your camera bag?”

Debrincat and Raddysh celebrate scoring a goal; sports photography


Well, here it is:


Camera Body

I shoot all of my sports photography clients with a Canon EOS 6D. I love this camera body. It’s lightweight and compact for a DSLR. WARNING: I’m about to get techy so bear with me here. At 4.5 frames per second, it’s fast enough to capture even the fastest skaters on the ice, players on the field or court. It performs amazingly in low light, higher ISO situations for less grainy imagery and it’s center point auto focus is the best i’ve seen.

Erie Otters' goalie Timpano makes a save Gannon University Lady Knights Lacrosse player; sports photography Gannon University Lady Knights acrobatics and tumbling



EF 28-300 f 3.5/5.6L IS USM: This lens is my workhorse for sports photography. It’s fast, and is great in low light. I can pretty much capture everything I need up to a point with this.

Erie Otters' Strome scored a goal


EF 50 f 1.2l USM (otherwise known as “the nifty 50”): This quickly went from my underwater set up, to my primary basketball lens and I’m so glad i made the switch. It’s light, focuses quickly and is great in low light situations. This is the ideal lens for sports photography in Gannon University’s Hammermill Center.

Gannon University sports photography; mens basketball players

EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom : I use this lens primarily for crowd shots only because, hey, spectators are fair game too! I typically don’t use it during game play but it has been know to make an appearance.

Crowd at Erie Otters Hockey game at Erie Insurance Arena Erie, PA

EF 400 f5.6L USM: This is my other work horse lens. Let’s face it, you can’t get up close and personal 98% of the time when shooting sports photography, so you need the long arm of the 400. I know it’s a higher F -stop, meaning it lets less light in, but I need to be lightweight and mobile. Paired with my 6D’s high ISO abilities it’s perfect!!

Gannon University Lady Knights softball team


So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. That’s my camera bag in a nutshell. If you want to know more, contact me about signing up for my next sports photography workshop.




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