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In my hometown of Erie, PA, Topics Salon opened its doors to serve & style the public. My friend, stylist & owner Victoria Truchanowicz proudly runs her new establishment, excited to style & beautify the people of our city. For the 2017 Paul Mitchell “Color Outside the Lines” hair-color contest, I was contacted to shoot the photo entries Victoria would submit. Not a hair was out of place the day I came for the photoshoot. That day I got to learn more about what makes Topics Salon a little gem of a hair salon in Erie, PA.


Victoria’s Story

Vicky is a vibrant individual not unlike the hair she brings new life to! “I always enjoyed playing with hair naturally,” she reveals to me. Because she enjoys her craft, she always felt like it would be a good business to go into: “[I] felt it was fun to do, not work.” With the “gift of gab” and excellent people skills, she was able to channel her ability to communicate effectively into cultivating real connections and relationships with clients.

Life took a different turn for Vicky when she attended Gannon for a degree in social work. Her dream and passion for hair never left, though, and six months shy of her degree, she left to go to Toni & Guy where she graduated. This lead to a happier life for Victoria, because now she had gotten her creative outlet back.

Her life was still not quite what she had dreamed. She still had an entrepreneurial itch that wasn’t being scratched. After managing for twelve years at two different salons, she knew it was time to open her own salon. Thus, Topics Salon was born.


The Contest

The Paul Mitchell “Color Outside the Lines” competition is one that is held annually. It celebrates unique, vibrant hair colors that are executed with perfect skill, excellence and precision. Vicky knew her hard-working crew had a shot at winning, so she decided to enter the 2017 contest.

This year, unfortunately, the winning look was not from Topics Salon; the win was only barely out of their reach. The most important aspect of entering, however, was not winning. There is nothing that will improve a group’s teamwork and drive an individual to be their best like working toward a common goal such as this.

The lessons learned were invaluable, even though they weren’t number one  in the competition. Vicky believes her measure of success is not in money or awards, but in cultivating hard work and the love for hair out of her employees. “The height of a hairdressers [sic] career,” she tells me, “is to produce an educated staff and become a power house in our arena.” It is evident she has done well on her mission, after seeing the work Topics Salon produces as a hair salon in Erie, PA.


The Shoot

The photoshoot was such a treat, as I got to utilize my fabulous new go-to model, Samantha. What’s even better is that Sam is actually Vicky’s niece! Sam is a stunning woman who makes an excellent canvas for the hairdressers & muse for me, the photographer.
We were able to capture the fine work Topics Salon produced so brilliantly. Samantha did a great job, flaunting the new, flawless hair she was donning.

topics hair salon erie pa blue hair photo topics hair salon erie pa male cut photo

topics hair salon erie pa look at camera photo topics hair salon erie pa man looking down photo

topics hair salon erie pa side smile photo topics hair salon erie pa looking straight photo

topics hair salon erie pa staring photo topics hair salon erie pa side view photo

topics hair salon erie pa smile photo topics hair salon erie pa colored hair photo

While they might not have won the contest this year, Vicky’s team did a job deserving of a trophy. As a team, they achieved a new level of professional, quality work that succeeded their already-spectacular portfolio. This, in and of itself, is a victory in it’s own right. I look forward to shooting Topics Salon’s entries into this and future competitions; I know they will always provide for me something beautiful to photograph.


Contact me here if your hair salon in Erie, PA would like to be featured in a post, or you want a photoshoot of your body of work to add pictures to your resume. If you have any other needs, feel free to contact me about anything else as well!
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