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We all remember senior year of high school and how much fun it was. Unfortunately, back in “our day”, hiring a photographer for a senior portrait session wasn’t as popular as it is now. These days, it’s more commonplace to do senior portrait photo shoots to encapsulate who we are and where we want to go during our last year of high school. I met Vincent Nolan in three different Erie PA locations to shoot his senior portrait photos. I am lucky to have had a chance to meet this bright kid full of passion and personality and capture it all from behind the lens.

senior portrait serious look photo

A Little About Vincent

Vincent Nolan is eighteen years old. He is known as somewhat of a “jack of all trades”. We got to reflect that aspect of who he is by shooting his senior photos in three different locations; we took them at UMC Park, Frontier Park, and Presque Isle State Park.

Vincent is a senior at Erie PA High School who is known in the community youth theatre group. He participates in shows and gets to showcase his awesome personality on stage. He is also an avid motorcyclist, who loves the idea of being free of care on two wheels flying down a deserted highway.

Vincent plays baseball and is pretty good at it! He is both athletic and calculating… two things that bode well in your favor when you are playing America’s favorite pastime sport. One last thing worth noting about Nolan is the fact that he’s kinda smart. Ok… more than “kinda smart”– Vincent is brilliant! He’s a sharp young man with a lot to offer the college he’s going to, Kent State, where he will major Aeronautical Engineering. Pretty impressive stuff!

senior portrait smiles on motorcycle photo


On our first of three locations, we met up at UPMC park in Downtown Erie PA. The owners were gracious enough to let us use their field as a backdrop for Vincent’s senior portrait photography session. This was a fun location where we could play us Vincent’s love of baseball. UPMC Park is home of the Erie PA Sea Wolves baseball team. We had a good time meeting on the diamond and snapping some photos of him in his natural element.

senior portrait baseball jersey photo senior portrait baseball bat photo senior portrait baseball and glove photo

Frontier Park

In part two of this senior portrait session, we went for a rustic theme. We met at Frontier Park in Erie PA located in the neighborhood of Frontier. It has a cascade creek bisecting it and it provided an excellent rustic setting in the middle of an urban area. This was almost like a “cowboy meets the city” shoot! I enjoyed this cool, unique photo shoot as Vincent got to embrace his “country” side.

senior portrait park tree photo senior photo rustic look photo

Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park is Pennsylvania’s number one state park. It is located on Lake Erie, the greatest of the great lakes. This was the perfect place for the third location for Vincent’s senior photo session. Here is where we did a motorcycle-themed photo shoot, since it is one of Vincent’s passions. We used my friend Bob Noel’s motorcycle. Bob also did a fantastic job directing traffic as we were posing and shooting Vincent’s senior portrait pictures in the road. It produced an excellent and authentic look to the photos.

senior portrait big smile photo senior portrait driving down the road photo senior portrait dead on look photo senior portrait straight face motorcycle photo

Getting to shoot Vincent Nolan’s senior portrait photographs was so relaxing and enjoyable. It almost took me back to my glory days! He will never forget this time in his life, and these photos will be a perfect accompaniment to those memories. I wish Vincent the best of luck in all his future endeavors and hope he stays in touch.

senior portrait angle on motorcycle photo

If you’re looking for an Erie PA photographer for your senior portrait photos, or any other event (wedding, engagement, etc) contact me here. If you would like your business featured like the one in this previous post of mine, you can contact me for that as well. Talk to you soon!



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