Adrianne and Jon Celebrate their Wedding at Franzee’s and Javy’s

January 8, 2019

Many people have tried their hand at online dating to find love in a world of increasing technological connections. Online romantic success stories like Jon and Adrianne’s are what so many hope for. This wonderful couple celebrated their nuptials at Bellevue Christian Church and Franzee’s and Javy’s banquet halls.

Pittsburgh, PA groom smiles at his bride during Franzee's and Javy's wedding reception


Adrianne and Jon met in January 2016 after connecting through the dating website Plenty of Fish. On New Year’s Eve, Adrianne’s best friend–and eventual Matron of Honor–Audrey convinced her to give Jon a chance. After nearly a month of talking, Adrianne and Jon met for their first date. That day they knew instantly that they’d met The One.

Pittsburgh, PA bride and groom smile at each under under bride's veil


By April of 2017, Jon took the leap and proposed. It started out as a typical night with Jon picking up Adrianne from work. Before they could head home, Jon insisted that he heard something knocking around in the engine. He got out to check on the problem, asking for Adrianne’s help. When she walked around to the popped hood, Jon was down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. It originally belonged to his grandmother, to whom he had been incredibly close. It didn’t even need resizing, which Adrianne interpreted as a good omen.

Photo of Pittsburgh PA couple's wedding bands


Jon and Adrianne married in Bellevue Christian Church, right outside Pittsburgh, PA. It was a beautiful place. Oak rafters, stained glass facades, and an unshakable sense of community. As they exchanged vows, I could tell that the two were genuinely, deeply devoted to each other and proud of the love they shared.

Father walks his daughter down the aisle during her Bellevue Christian Church wedding

Pittsburgh, PA couple exchange vows during their Bellevue Christian Church wedding

Pittsburgh, PA couple walk back down the aisle at the end of their Bellevue Christian Church wedding

Pittsburgh, PA bride and groom pose for a photo at Bellevue Christian Church wedding


To cap off the wonderful experience of documenting Jon and Adrianne’s big day, we headed to Laughlin Memorial Library in Ambridge, PA for bridal portraits. The Gothic architecture was the perfect backdrop. Sweeping stairways, stone arches, and wrought iron lamps came together to create the image of wedding day royalty.

Pittsburgh, PA bride and groom cuddle next to a pillar at Laughlin Memorial Library

Bridal party poses outside the Laughlin Memorial Library in Ambridge, PA


After the wedding, the group moved to Franzee’s and Javy’s in Ambridge, PA for wining, dining, and dancing. Because their sense of humor is, as Adrianne describes, “subtle as a sledgehammer,” they played a number of songs to celebrate them as an interracial couple. They danced the night away to songs like “Black or White,” “Ebony and Ivory,” “Jungle Fever,” and “The World is Black and White,” delighting in the company of their loving friends and family.

Bride dances with her father at Franzee's and Javy's wedding reception

Pittsburgh, PA couple share their first dance at Franzee's and Javy's wedding reception

PIttsburgh, PA bride and groom danace at their Franzee's and Javy's wedding reception

Something I love about wedding photography is having the chance to meet couples from all kinds of backgrounds and beginnings. As Jon and Adrianne’s beautiful marriage shows, you don’t have to stick to the traditional ways of looking for love to find someone special.

Pittsburgh couple kiss under bride's veil at Laughlin Memorial Library

If you are planning a wedding in Erie or Pittsburgh, PA, contact us for availability, pricing, and package options. For a little inspiration, make sure to check out some of our other weddings:

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