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Origins of an Erie PA Wedding Photographer

Every person’s passion stems from somewhere. Often, a seed buried deep within, whose origin might not ever be known. My passion is wedding photography. The seed was my Dad’s camera, off limits to everyone in the family except my Mom. A 35mm Minolta classic. The forbidden fruit of my youth. My love for this camera led me to where I am today — an Erie PA wedding photographer.Erie PA wedding photographer's Minolta 35 mm camera

Humble Beginnings

Without access to the awesomeness that was the 35mm Minolta, I had to hone my skills on a simple Fujifilm Point and Shoot 35mm camera. Then I upgraded to a Kodak Advantix when I was able. That’s right, Matt Mead Photography, was born from 35mm point and shoot film cameras. Just not THE 35mm.

Erie PA wedding photographer's Minolta 35 mm camera

Opportunity Knocks…

Recently, my Dad sent me a text message, “Do you know anybody who would like my old 35mm Minolta?” I had to pause for a second before I could reply, “Um, Yeah! Me!” I collected the camera from my parent’s house and took it back to my office. Staring at the bag that held the forbidden camera, I opened the bag and it was just as I remembered as a kid. This was the camera that I drooled over as a child. It was finally mine!

Erie PA wedding photographer's Minolta 35 mm camera

I had come full circle traveling from a young boy longing to get his hands on his Dad’s 35mm, to a grown man that knows what to do with it after having waited so patiently.

cameras of an Erie PA wedding photographer

As an Erie PA wedding photographer and Canon fanboy, you wouldn’t think I would be excited about bringing back an old school film camera. It’s a different experience and requires a different eye. It is an artist’s choice. I am blessed to work with so many amazing couples, and one of those couples, Justin and Amanda, have enthusiastically agreed to have a portion of their bridals shot with the 35mm film camera! Now Mr. Minolta has a permanent home in my wedding bag, right next to my Canon 5D Mark III.

Erie PA wedding photographer portrait of bride and groom kissing at Modern Tool Square

csmera bag of Erie PA wedding photographer, Matt Mead

Keep an eye on the blog to see how those pictures turned out, the construction of the much anticipated dark room as it progresses, as well as our ongoing film exploits around Erie, PA.

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