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As many of you know, we go to visit our friends, The Witcoski Family, on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes we even get to shoot their family portraits in Ligonier PA. Either way, we always have a blast! The best thing about photographing our friends is that they and their daughters are ridiculously photogenic. C’mon, how cute are they?

photo of a family portrait on a dresser in Ligonier, PA


Behind the Scenes

Last time we did family portraits in Ligonier PA for our friends, we realized that some of the most fun moments of the shoot never made it on camera. This year we decided to make it a point to capture some of these “behind the scenes” happenings. My wife, Teri, followed our friends before and during the shoot to see what we could get. We’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

woman applying mascara in a lighted mirror before family portrait photo session in Ligonier, PAman getting dressed for family portrait photo session in Ligonier, PA

sisters sitting quietly on the deck at their home in Ligonier, PA

Matt Mead photographing family portraits in Ligonier, PA

The photographer hard at work

Behind the scenes of family portraits in Ligonier, PA

Family Portraits in Ligonier PA

We’ve all heard the saying, “Variety is the spice of life.” While we love taking our friends’ portraits on the land surrounding their home, it was definitely time to change things up. One of my favorite photos was this bridge that crosses a gentle waterfall. With some of the biggest rainbow trout I’ve ever seen, my guess is the “NO FISHING” sign is doing its’ job!

family portraits in Ligonier PA

One of the things I’ve learned since I began taking family portraits is that the photos that grab the most attention on social media are fun, impromptu, and candid. Claiming I was having technical issues, I told our friends to take a break. While they weren’t paying attention, I snapped off these beauties!!

Afterward, we moved to this beautiful pond and quickly set up to catch the good back lighting.

family portrait in front of a pond in Ligonier, PA

Finally, we ended our family portraits Ligonier PA at “The Diamond”, located in the center of town. Here we did the typical, traditional family poses.

Inside the Diamond family portraits in Ligonier PA

However, I think my favorite from the Diamond was this impromptu gathering of the Witcoski ladies.

mother and her two daughters posing in the Diamond during family portraits in Ligonier PA

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