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Ligonier PA Engagement Photography with Matt & Lauren

Some of my favorite couples to get to know and photograph are the humble, down-to-earth couples. There’s nothing that can bond a couple with depth like two sincere hearts full of kind and loving compassion. While some might argue most couples have this, I believe Matt and Lauren have a little something extra. They were so endearing, with a sweet backstory. Our Ligonier PA engagement photography session was a blast as we hit three unique locations.

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More on Matt and Lauren

Their story starts as many of the best love stories do. The two went to Cal U together and were both friends in the band. Although they knew a little about one another, they weren’t too close due to different circles of friends. Fast-forward several years later, where Matt and Lauren have only kept in touch throughout all that time via Facebook. The two randomly decided to have dinner together at Harp and Fiddle for some catching up and reminiscing about college days, Well, that first get-together snowballed into many others! When Matt took Lauren on his motorcycle the first time, she was hooked! Not just to the ride, but to the man.

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They were both nervous, not wanting to risk their friendship over trying to take the next step. But as an engagement photographer, I know you can never stop true love. After a date to see the movie Interstellar, Lauren made the bold move and went in for the first kiss in Matt’s car. All that time and cultivated friendship and caring for one another fostered a beautiful relationship. Matt and Lauren were finally, and officially, a couple!

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The Proposal

One can never predict who they’ll end up with, or when the right time will be for marriage. But, as life throws us curve balls, the ones who stick around through adversity are often the ones we look to with the most trust. Lauren realized this in 2015, only about a year after they started dating. Matt had to undergo hip-replacement surgery. Throughout his recovery, Lauren was there to care for him. In this time, when he was most vulnerable and she was working so hard to help him, Lauren realized she couldn’t live without him.

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After a long time of consideration and prayer to God over the situation, Matt knew he was going to ask Lauren to marry him. So, on a motorcycle trip to Blue Ridge Mountains, he knew it was time. Right after a torrential storm while riding at the Haywood-Jackson Overlook, Matt asked Lauren to remove her helmet. He pulled out of his pocket a modest red handkerchief. Wrapped inside this cloth was a fine ring, and Matt proposed they spend their lives together forever. Donning their finest trash-bag attire (to keep dry from the rain) with hair strewn from the wind, Lauren happily agreed. A picture-perfect moment, despite all the elements. A picture-perfect moment that will forever be preserved in their hearts!

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The Photo Shoot

We shot Matt and Laurent’s Ligonier PA engagement photography in three different locations. The first was Linn Run State Park. This time of year lends itself to beautiful colors in the surrounding leaves and bushes. It makes my job as a Ligonier PA photographer a little easier with such a breathtaking background! The natural lighting was perfect and the glow of their love radiated above all else.

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ligonier pa engagement big kiss photo

Next, we met at the Ligonier Creamery. I just love to shoot in places like this! I mean, how much more fun does it get than sharing a shake with your best guy or gal? It gives the pictures character and a special feel that more run-of-the-mill locations can’t give. Matt and Lauren are such a fun and happy couple, so going to the local Ligonier PA ice cream shop fit their spunky personalities perfectly! In these engagement photos, a real story is told about who these two are– just through the images.

ligonier pa engagement sharing milkshake photo



The conclusion of this story leads us to the historic heart of the city, at the Ligonier Diamond. This is another picturesque park, but it’s unique in being surrounded by gorgeous architecture and lovely buildings found deep in this old city. The setting sun was shining down, giving incredible lighting as the two embraced. As day turned to night, we captured amazing images of this loving couple. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.


ligonier pa engagement kissing in ligonier diamond photo


ligonier pa engagement dancing in gazebo photo

Matt and Lauren have an awesome history. Their tale of friendship and love and hardship is tremendously moving and inspiring. The genuine personalities and hearts of love for God and each other is a winning combination! Their PA wedding photography will be just as great as their Ligonier PA engagement photography session, and I hope I can be a part of that day as well. If you’re in the market for a Ligonier PA engagement photographer, contact me here.

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