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Love is so special because for each couple, the experience and story are both so unique. Here in Erie PA, I’m fortunate enough to get to shoot many couples for their engagement sessions. More excitingly, I get to learn about each and every love story. Patti and Tyler have such a wonderful tale of continual nurturing of a relationship until it bloomed into what it is today. I got to shoot their Erie PA engagement photography in three different locations, and got to learn more about what made their love so special.

Their story

Patti and Tyler have the best kind of love story: the one that starts as a friendship. They met at the YMCA. At the time, Patti was teaching preschool while Tyler was a summer camp counselor. Patti saw something in Tyler, whether it was just a friend or something more was yet to be known! She asked him out to ice cream, then many “friend dates” followed. They were friends for almost a year and a half before they “really” even started dating! This really fostered a fun, special relationship that was a result of their longtime friendship that started it all. They love being silly and candid together, doing things like playing the “What if…” game. (If you’re not sure what that is, like basically ask “what if” about any and every life scenario. Patti and Tyler will keep playing until either someone gives up or gets sick of the game!) She teasingly calls him “Willard”, a play off his middle name (William). These are the little things that bring together a couple and make something unique.

Things weren’t always so easy and full of laughter or fun. Their relationship became increasingly difficult as life threw a curveball at them. For three long months during their relationship, they didn’t get to even speak. Tyler moved back to Kentucky and Patti accepted a teaching job in Virginia. It was November of 2015 when Tyler gave Patti a call. They talked for over an hour about the state of their relationship and the phase they were currently in. It took over an hour to come to a decision.

The Proposal

Luckily– though it might not have been the easiest decision– they chose to try to make long-distance work. This posed challenges and difficulties… but look where they are now! That took some time though. Here’s the rest of the story:

Patti and Tyler had to live their lives apart but their love only grew. The first time they exchanged “I love yous” was over FaceTime on their phones. At the end of the 2015-2016 school year is when they were able to end the long-distance relationship and reunite together! It was almost a year later, in March of 2017, when Tyler popped the big question. They were at the beautiful Opryland Hotel; they went to get dessert with their friends, and when Tyler asked Patti to marry him, he even thought to FaceTime Patti’s family so they wouldn’t miss the moment. Such a great idea! Of course she said yes, and they didn’t waste any time booking their Erie PA engagement photography session. They gave me a call and we decided upon the three locations we would do their shoots. We moved from scene to scene; a strong representation of their moving from a friendship, to a long-distance relationship, to a proposal. What a shift!

The Shoot

Frontier Park

Frontier Park is quickly becoming one of my new favorite places to shoot sessions! I recently shot an Erie PA senior’s pictures here and the results were wonderful (click here to check out that post!) It’s a park in Erie PA sandwiched between 8th Street, the Bayfront Parkway, and 6th Street in beautiful downtown Erie PA. Cascade Creek gently flows through the middle of the park, creating a beautiful scene and ambience. Here is where we met up for the first location of three.

 erie pa engagement man holding guitar photoerie pa engagement man holding her waist photo

North Pier

The second place we shot is the awesome North pier. (Then again, I think all these places are awesome. Just saying.) North Pier is the north section of the channel that leads from Presque Isle Bay to Lake Erie. The light house on the end marks it for ships.

erie pa engagement lighthouse in background photo erie pa engagement man kissing hand photo

Presque Isle Lighthouse

The third and final location we shot at was the Presque Isle Lighthouse. This is an actual, active lighthouse, fully equipped with a lighthouse keeper and bulbs! They even offer tours. This was a perfect location to shoot Patti and Tyler for their Erie PA engagement photography session. I loved getting to use this unique location as a background and they also seemed to enjoy being somewhere new.

erie pa engagement looking into eyes photo erie pa engagement kissing on beach photo erie pa engagement staring into each others eyes photoerie pa engagement couple holding each other on beach photo erie pa engagement eskimo kisses photo


Each couple is special in the sense that every story is different and worth telling. I am so inspired by Patti and Tyler’s perseverance and ability to weather the difficulties a long-distance relationship can bring. It can only ever happen under the circumstances of true love and devotion to one another! From friendship dates to FaceTime dates to marriage proposals, this love story’s really got it all. I cannot wait to attend their wedding!

If you would like to book your Erie PA engagement photo shoot, or need any other type of session (business, wedding, senior photos, etc) contact me here. I can’t wait to hear your story, too!



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