Unique Robin Hill Park Engagement Session | Mindy and Riley

April 19, 2018

As a photographer, I love working with couples for both their engagement and wedding photos. The engagement session gives me the chance to get to know them and acts like a little practice before the big day. Mindy Nicholson’s and Riley Webb’s Robin Hill Park engagement session is the perfect example of that.

This couple first met in January 2013 and started dating almost right away. They got engaged on January 28, 2017, which also happens to be their fourth anniversary of dating. How cool is that? After dinner at Bonefish Grill, the couple came home, and Riley got down on his knee and proposed in the living room. Spoiler alert: Mindy said “Yes.”

engaged couple look at each other with smiles during engagement session near Pittsburgh, PA

I was excited when Mindy and Riley let me know that they wanted a Robin Hill Park engagement session. This beautiful park in Coraopolis, PA holds a special place in this couple’s hearts since it’s near where Riley grew up. I found my mind reeling. Where were we going to start? How could capture this unique couple’s personalities through the photography?

We agreed to have their engagement photos taken at the end of March. Spring, right? Wrong! There was snow on the ground. However, I think the location and timing worked out perfectly for them. While I was able to get some traditional photos of them, I was also able to get some photos that really captured their personalities. For example, the photo of Mindy sticking out her tongue at Riley is one they are sure to treasure for years to come.

engaged couple holds hands and look at each other lovingly at Robin Hill Park engagement session

engaged couple touch foreheads at Robin Hill Park engagement session

Woman sticks her tongue out at her fiance during Robin Hill Park engagement session near Pittsburgh, PA

After a little while, Mindy and Riley really let loose. They didn’t let the camera make them nervous. Their snowball fight pictures were really fun to capture! Perhaps, one of the best parts of the snowball fight was that, with snow still on top of their heads, this couple shared a great kiss, which I was able to capture on camera.

Woman gets hit by snowball during Robin HIll Park engagement session

Woman pelts fiance with giant snowball during Robin Hill Park engagement session near Pittsburgh, PA

snow covered couple share a kiss during a Robin Hill Park engagement session near Pittsburgh, PA

Some of my favorite photos during this Robin Hill Park engagement session were those of Mindy and Riley playing around. Their lightsaber battle pictures in the park’s gazebo, which hint at their upcoming wedding theme, which is…you guessed it…Star Wars!! As a Star Wars fan myself, I can’t wait to see how this theme plays out at their wedding!

couple pose before a lightsaber battle at Robin Hill Park gazebo

engaged couple pose at the ready for a lightsaber battle during their Robin Hill engagement session

Couple engages in lightsaber battle at Robin Hill Park gazebo

Mindy and Riley’s engagement photos give you a taste of why I love my job. Look through my portfolio to get a better feel for my photography personality. If you have any questions or if you think that I might be a good fit for your engagement or wedding photography, contact me.

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