Sarah and Justin’s Spring Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

June 5, 2018

I met Sarah Kamouh and Justin Murphy last year when they asked me to photograph their spring wedding. We got to know each other better when I did their engagement shoot last summer. Sarah’s beautiful smile lit the place up and Justin’s face showed nothing but adoration. Such a wonderful session made me even more excited to photograph their special day.

portrait of bride and groom in front of a gazebo during spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

Fast forward to their spring wedding day on May 5 of this year. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep up. I loved the wedding party, as everyone seemed to be related to everyone else.  What a wonderful and supportive group to welcome Sarah and Justin into married life!

sign of significant dates in married couple's life at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

Before their spring wedding, Sarah and Justin exchanged gifts that they opened while getting ready for the day. The most more touching were the Little Mermaid shoes Sarah wore at the ceremony. Justin sent them to the bridal suite with a handwritten note saying Sarah was his “amazing Disney princess” and so needed shoes to match. Sarah also gave Justin an Ursula the Sea Witch plush doll, a handwritten journal, and a beautiful watch.

Little Mermaid shoes as gift for bride at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

groom reads handwritten journal given to him by bride at their spring wedding

The ceremony at Our Lady of Joy was a traditional Catholic mass, allowing friends and family to participate through readings and presenting the gifts, as well as watching from the pews. The bride wore a stunning lace gown with buttons down the back and a full length veil, eclipsing any Disney princess you can think of.

portrait of bride before her spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

bride and groom share first kiss after ceremony at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

The reception took place at the Springdale Veteran’s Association. The groomsmen also wore different colored camo socks for another military connection. As mentioned before, Sarah loves Disney. This showed up in the wedding reception with a Robin Hood and Maid Marian cake topper.

groomsmen show off their different colored camo socks at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

Disney's Robin Hood and Maid Marian cake topper at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

pouring champagne at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

The reception was a blast! Sarah and Justin thought of everything needed for a fabulous celebration, including a cookie table, a photo booth, a delicious dinner, and lots of champagne. Sarah and Justin had a tender first dance, followed by both a father-daughter dance for Sarah and a mother-son dance for Justin. The toasts from the bridal party were perfect: funny, nostalgic, and meaningful. Sarah both laughed and cried as her nearest and dearest wished her and her husband many happy years together.

bride and groom share first dance at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

bride dances with her father at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

groomshares dance with his mother at spring wedding in Pittsburgh PA

I was very honored to have the chance to photograph Sarah and Justin’s spring wedding. If you are planning a wedding, whether big or small, I’d love to sit down and discuss your vision for photographing your amazing day. Let me know how I can help by contacting me today.


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