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In 2015, Matt Mead Photography LLC shot more portrait sessions than we have in any of the previous years. Of these, there are two sessions that I am most proud of. In this post, we’ll showcase the first of these sessions we did  — the Witcoski’s vintage family portraits session.

Inspiration Strikes!

This idea for this vintage family portraits session was born one evening over copious amounts of bourbon and wine. We half-jokingly started talking about with the idea of doing their family portraits with all the charm and splendor of the 1950’s. Think Norman Rockwell in photo form. The idea then took on a life of its own. Over the next few months, we finally settled on how we wanted to set this up. We’d have a roaring fire in the fire place, rocking chair, apple pie, dogs, and the whole nine yards. I think this is something Rockwell himself would be proud of!

The Vintage Family Portraits Session

camera setup at vintage family portraits session in Ligonier, PA

After I was all set up, I took an exposure of the set with fire burning brightly in the fireplace. Then, I asked the “models” to take their positions. Once everyone was in place, we brought in the dogs and began this vintage family portraits session.

Finally, the family asked for the final images to be digitally “aged” to give them a more authentically 1950’s feel.

Behind the Scenes

One thing I like to do during a session is capture my subjects when they think we’re finished and they start horsing around. These candid moments usually end up being my favorite photos of the entire session.

Here is a selection of my personal favorites:

husband and wife leaning in to kiss during family portraits session in Ligonier, PA behind the scenes photo of husband and wife goofing around during family portraits session man stands pensively at fireplace in his home with dog laying at his feet in Ligonier, PA

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