Love is so special because for each couple, the experience and story are both so unique. Here in Erie PA, I’m fortunate enough to get to shoot many couples for their engagement sessions. More excitingly, I get to learn about each and every love story. Patti and Tyler have such a wonderful tale of continual […]

We all remember senior year of high school and how much fun it was. Unfortunately, back in “our day”, hiring a photographer for a senior portrait session wasn’t as popular as it is now. These days, it’s more commonplace to do senior portrait photo shoots to encapsulate who we are and where we want to […]

Another blog post, another Showit United 2016 takeaway. “Success starts outside of your comfort zone.” Boy, does it ever!   I decided, once we got back, to start living outside of my comfort zone. Since then I have begun to notice some positive results, especially in my local photography market.  Some might say that the […]

A while back my good friend, Clark, approached me about an idea he had for some headshots. He wanted to show the more moody, dark, and serious side of himself. Outwardly my friend is very joking, fun loving, and goofy. Inwardly, however, it’s a much different story. This might come as a surprise to some […]

Last month, my wife and I went to Little Cayman to escape winter in NW Pennsylvania. We traveled here last year with a group from our local dive store, Divers World. We loved it so much we decided to come back by ourselves over the week of Valentine’s Day. This trip started out like so […]

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