A Small Town Wedding Starts a Big Adventure | Amanda and Kris

August 2, 2018

Not many beginnings are as memorable as Amanda White and Kris Pizer’s. A graveyard shift, a drunken fight, and a virtual high-five. That might not be the start to a Disney movie, but it’s exactly how Amanda and Kris’s fairy tale began. I just had the privilege of photographing their small town wedding, and I want to share their unique story with you.

bride and groom pose outside at a small town wedding

The Meet-Cute

Like any great love story, Kris and Amanda’s began during the graveyard shift at a Denny’s. Amanda was working, trying to make it through a long night. Kris came in to visit a friend who was also working that evening.

Was it love at first sight? It’s hard to say, but there was definitely passion. It just happened to be among the drunken crowd who ended up fighting in the middle of the restaurant. The police eventually settled everything down, and Kris left for the evening. Luckily, he had made enough of an impression to get a Facebook friend request from Amanda.

And he took full advantage of the opportunity. Kris then sent Amanda a cat paw and the unforgettable message: “A virtual high five for being pro at handling that whole thing since I didn’t give you one before I left. Haha.” That message sparked a friendship. That friendship turned romantic and developed over the next year and a half to the point that they both knew they were in it for the long haul.

groom kisses bride after small town wedding

A “Standard” Proposal

Not just anyone is brave enough to propose on New Year’s Eve. There’s just so much pressure with all that talk about turning over new leaves and setting goals. But what about a New Year’s Eve proposal at someone else’s wedding? When your girlfriend is a bridesmaid?

That’s just the kind of guy Kris is, especially when he’s spurred on by two of his closest friends, Rj and Elyssa (the couple actually getting married that night). Elyssa had already helped Kris pick out the ring, so she was involved in the whole process. And it was her idea to turn one of her moments into a special memory for Kris and Amanda.

The bouquet toss is supposed to let everyone know who the next lady getting married is. Instead of following the tradition of tossing the bouquet over her head, though, Elyssa simply turned around and handed it to Amanda. That was Kris’s cue to get down on one knee and propose. I wish I could have been photographer at that wedding to capture such a priceless memory!

bride and groom laughing together after small town wedding at Torpedo Community Church

The Small Town Wedding

Amanda and Kris chose to have their ceremony at Torpedo Community Church in Torpedo, PA, a small town just outside Corry (about twenty minutes from Erie). It was a family affair, with most of the bridal party being some type of sister, brother, half-brother, or in-law.

bride escorted by her father at Torpedo Community Church

wedding ceremony at Torpedo Community Church

bride and groom exchanging rings at Torpedo Community Church

The celebration then continued at Columbus Community Center, which is also near Corry. The day was truly spectacular, and it marks a beautiful new chapter for a couple who already has their share of unique beginnings.

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