Becky and Tom’s Perfect Pittsburgh Wedding at the Pennsylvanian

May 30, 2019

You never know when or how you’ll meet the person who you’ll spend forever with. Many people imagine going to a party expecting nothing and finding the one, which doesn’t happen all that often. For Becky and Tom though, that’s exactly how it worked out. Through a lot of mutual friends, they met and began dating a few weeks after that party. After twelve years, Tom dropped to one knee on an incredibly romantic bridge during a trip to Strasburg, France. Now they’re tying the knot with a Pittsburgh wedding to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

Bride and groom pose together in front of graffiti filled wall in Pittsburgh, PA

Wedding at the Pennsylvanian Apartments

Their Pittsburgh wedding took place at the historic Rotunda that used to be a part of Penn Station. The marble floors, vaulted ceilings, and stunning arched openings led for a breathtaking view. There couldn’t have been a more perfect place for Becky and Tom to get married.

View of wedding setup at the Rotunda of the Pennsylvanian Apartments in Pittsburgh PA

Father walks bride down the aisle at Pittsburgh wedding in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvanian Apartments

Couple exchanges vows during Pittsburgh wedding at Rotunda of Pennsylvanian Apartments

Couple exchanges rings during Pittsburgh wedding at Rotunda of the Pennsylvanian Apartments

First kiss at a Pittsburgh wedding in the Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian Apartments

Recessional shot of bride and groom during their Pittsburgh wedding at the Pennsylvanian Apartments

At their wedding ceremony, they had a Persian Sugar ceremony where they sat while two bridesmaids held a silk cover over them and all the married women there sprinkled sugar on them to represent the hope that every contact between the bride and groom will result in sweetness.

Persian sugar ceremony at a Pittsburgh wedding in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvanian Apartments

Woman sprinkles sugar over a cloth for Persian sugar ceremony at at Pittsburgh wedding

Reception at the Andy Warhol Museum

To complement their style and personalities, they held their reception at the iconic Andy Warhol Museum. Here, guests could appreciate Andy Warhol’s legacy through the largest collection of his work in the world. While looking at the art, the guests enjoyed the wedding festivities like their Persian honey ceremony where the bride and groom sat in front of a mirror and fed each other honey to represent them feeding sweetness and sustenance to each other.

Bride and groom look at exhibits at Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA

Bride and groom pose together on a couch in the Andy Warhol Museum

Bride and groom hold hands together at exhibit in Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh PA

Honey ceremony at Pittsburgh wedding reception in the Andy Warhol Museum

Getting to know Becky and Tom reminds me yet again why I love being a Pittsburgh wedding photographer. From his selflessness and her humor, they’re a couple who will stay with me forever in more than just photographs. Tom and Becky have my best wishes for their future together. May it always be full of sugar, honey, and sweetness.

Bride and groom kiss suring their Pittsburgh wedding reception at the Andy Warhol Museum

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