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I find it satisfying seeing my jobs come full circle. It’s great shooting a couple’s engagement photography; but even more fulfilling to take pictures at the same couple’s wedding! I wrote about Matt and Lauren previously after shooting their Ligonier PA engagement photography. They’re an extremely endearing couple with kind hearts and fierce love for […]

With sincerity, sensitivity, and a great sense of humor, Chelsea and Joe are an incredible couple I met while shooting their Pittsburgh PA wedding photography. They share a bond that comes from a place of love, deep friendship, and the three attributes I mentioned in the beginning. What a wonderful story they have of their […]

We all know love is comprised of things like patience, kindness, attraction, and understanding toward the other. In addition, more important factors must be in place: commitment and resilience. Just about any couple can work out for at least a brief period of time. Only the most loving couples are able to make it through […]

I was beyond excited when my friend, Mike, and fiancee,Taylor, asked me to take their Pittsburgh engagement photos. Mike’s family and mine have been friends and neighbors for as long as I can remember. He was the annoying little brother I never had — ever following my friends and I to the batting cages on […]

Patrice Phillips and Cassandra Cole are a wonderful Erie PA couple, who I recently got to shoot for their Siebenbuerger Club wedding. I was privileged enough to get to snap their Erie PA engagement photography session at Presque Isle State Park and urge you to take a look at their personal story by checking out […]