An Intimate, Rustic Connellsville Wedding for Shelby and Ernest

October 29, 2019

When it comes to choosing a dream wedding location, many couples choose areas that are well-known for being a great venue. Then, you have couples like Ernest Smith and Shelby Rutter. They are a couple who wanted their special day to be both fantastic and intimate. It all took place on a family member’s property in Connellsville, PA. The beauty is that it turned out to be a rustic Connellsville wedding that no one will soon forget.

Bridal party in a field at a rustic Connellsville wedding

Rutter and Smith, A Long Time Coming

Shelby and Ernest met in high school. He was a year ahead of her in school. Their romance was not one that began instantly. They talked for six months before he finally asked her out on a real date. It happened while they were on a picnic at Ohiopyle State Park. It was the summer of 2012 and since then, their love has grown for one another steadily. Seven years later, I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful couple and be a part of their most romantic day.

First dance at a rustic Connellsville wedding

The Proposal

As the story goes, the proposal took place on May 12, 2018. This happy couple was on vacation in sunny Florida. They had just finished dinner at one of their most favorite restaurants and were walking along the pier. Ernie dropped down on one knee and asked Shelby to become his wife. She, of course, said, “Yes.”

First kiss at a rustic Connellsville wedding

A Wedding Day Plan

I always ask my couples “What do you love most about your fiance/fiancee?” Their responses give us a tiny glimpse into their life together.

Ernie says that what he loves about Shelby is simply everything. He goes on to point out that if he had to choose one thing he loves the most, it would be how family oriented she is.

Bride wipes groom's chin during cake cutting at a rustic Connellsville wedding

Shelby also loves everything about Ernie but takes it one step further by pointing out that he is sweet and kind. She says that he would do anything for her and their families.

Bride and groom smiling in a field for a rustic Connellsville wedding

This devotion from both to their joined family trees is very obvious. Therefore, when I asked about their wedding plans, I was not surprised when they said they wanted an intimate, rustic Connellsville wedding at a family member’s home. It also proved to me that I needed to focus on family photographs as well as photos of the actual ceremony.

Couple standing under bride's veil in a field during their rustic Connellsville wedding

The Rustic Connellsville Wedding: A Joining of Two Amazing Families

The day of the wedding was exciting for both the bride and the groom, however, Mother Nature wanted to show off a little. Throughout the day, rain showers were a frequent problem. This did not stop the joy that surrounded these two families. It was a perfect rustic Connellsville, PA wedding for this amazing couple.

Bride reads her vows at a rustic Connellsville wedding

Bride wipes away a tear as groom reads his vows

At the end of the day, the rains became a memory and Mr. and Mrs. Smith rode off into an outstandingly beautiful sunset.

Silhouette of a couple at sunset

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