2024 Wedding Trends

Trends schmends, right? What really matters in all of this — before considering 2024 wedding trends —  is what speaks to you, what you want and need, and what your dreams are made of. Regardless of trends, you might have a specific dream wedding idea that you’ve been holding on to since you were 15 or 20 or whatever. You should definitely go for it!

That said, looking at 2024 wedding trends can be interesting. And maybe you’ll get some fresh and fun ideas by checking these out. Or you will see more clearly what you want and don’t want at your wedding.

You could start by checking out what we wrote about wedding trends in 2023, which was brought about by running into someone buying so. many. candles. (Uncountable candles.) For her… bridesmaids’ proposals. Yeah, go read that if you haven’t!

Let’s take a look, first, at what’s “out.” (Again, we can’t say this enough… what you like is what you like so own it.)

2024 wedding trends

Say goodbye to these wedding trends in 2024

  • wedding websites are still being used but less and less. And they aren’t as detailed as they have been in the past. Couples have enough to do without creating itineraries for all their out of town guests, for example, or without writing up bios about every single person involved in the wedding.
  • traditional first dances are being replaced or at least, shortened. Some couples are getting rid of them completely and some are creating a group first dance. You can also shorten them by just doing a minute or so of the song rather than an entire song.
  • hotel blocks are heading out. Again, the bride and groom already have so much on their plates, and most guests are pretty capable of taking care of their own hotel needs.
  • sweetheart tables seem to be on their way out. In general, people are wanting more intimacy in their weddings, including the time they’re spending with their guests. And so brides and grooms are not separating themselves while they’re eating.
  • farewell brunches. How long must the wedding go on!? Formal gatherings the day after when everyone is exhausted? No, thank you.
  • things are shifting toward smaller in general and that includes bridal parties. No more of the ridiculously long lines of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • traditional cake cuttings. Instead there are dessert stations, “silent” cuttings (so as not to interrupt the party), and boxed slices for guests to grab on their way out.
  • less and less matching of the bridesmaids dresses. Instead, now we are seeing a color palette but individualized dresses for each unique body.

2024 wedding trends

2024 wedding trends

  • goodbye, superstitions! Couples are opting not just for first look photos but for time spent together before the wedding. They’re getting together for an intimate and quiet breakfast, for example, before heading into the intensity of the day.
  • instead of just asking guests to wear “cocktail attire,” couples are getting much more specific. From color requests to themed wedding attire, guests can still wear what they want, of course, but hey… why not play along?
  • in terms of flowers, monochromatic is gaining momentum. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean the same shade of your chosen color. Check out some examples here.
  • but monochromatic doesn’t extend to the rest of the wedding. In 2024, weddings are going to be much more color intense. And there’s a little bit of 70s/80s/90s showing itself here.
  • audio or digital guestbooks are replacing paper.
  • couples are exchanging private vows before their big, public wedding. This might be the same day or even days or weeks before.
  • and it’s starting to get more common to have the wedding ceremony the day before and a party the next night.
  • wedding dress separates are becoming popular. We’re not just talking different dresses for different parts of the celebrations but actual separates — skirts, tops, removable layers.
  • minimoons! Couples are taking smaller trips right after the wedding to simply rest, and then they are going on a bigger, bucket list sort of honeymoon later. Makes sense!
  • to replace the day after formal brunch, some couples are providing rest lounges the day after. You could grab a rehydrating smoothie and a chair massage. Nice.
  • though a top trend is big color, monochrome is hitting the whole wedding and not just the flowers. You could say there are two polar opposite trends: color explosion and color minimalism.
  • and not finally because there’s so much more, but finally for this list: destination weddings are back as people are traveling a lot after years of feeling restricted.

2024 wedding trends

Emerging trends

  • big, grandiose, opulent… these are words that seem to be making a sort of comeback. Venues that are elegant and over the top. Wedding attire that is made specifically for you and includes pieces of your unique history and personality as a couple.
  • culinary experiences. Wedding food is often … wedding food. Even when it’s good, it’s rather unremarkable. This looks to be changing, as couples try to give their guests a foodie adventure.
  • more and more immersive experiences for guests. This started last year and seems like it will grow in 2024. Circus type performers. Artists doing live art. You name it and someone is including it in their wedding.
  • seated wedding parties. Yes, during the ceremony making your wedding party comfortable rather than making them stand for the entire thing (which really is helpful for women in very high heels).
  • even as a big trend is about opulence and over-the-top-ness, another trend right alongside that is and will continue to be sustainable, pared down weddings.

2024 wedding trends regarding your photographer

We’ve been seeing a lot of industry influencers talking about having content creators as part of the wedding photography team. But your friendly, Erie photographer has basically been doing this for some years now. We always have someone on video, taking little snippets throughout the day, and there is another photographer focusing on getting the little bits of behind the scenes stuff that can be really popular with couples who love social media.

So yeah, you don’t need to add another person to your list of vendors. We’ve got you covered.

Any of these 2024 wedding trends looking extra enticing to you?

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