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3 Tips for Taking Awesome Engagement Photos

Often, engagement photos are when I first get to know a couple’s personality. I like to use this time as a way to practice for the wedding day in a more relaxed environment. Most of our couples are excited and a little nervous about taking engagement photos. So, to take the edge off of those nerves, here are my tips for having a fun engagement session.

Engaged couple share a kiss at Frontier Park engagement photo shoot

Location, Location, Location

Over the years, I’ve found my favorite spots to shoot engagement photos. However, I’m always open to exploring new sites and adding to my arsenal. When thinking about where you’d like to take your photos, I advise my couples to choose a place that either has meaning for them as a couple and fits their personalities. A couple of examples of this could be the coffee shop where you had your first date or the park where you walk your dog on weekends. The possibilities are endless. Don’t worry if nothing jumps out at you right away. Your photographer is there to help with ideas.

photo of coffee from Ember + Forge in Erie PA


Couple walks with their dog during Edinboro PA engagement photos session

Three C’s of Wardrobe Choices

  • Complimentary Colors – Personally, I’m not a fan of matching outfits for portrait sessions. Instead, I advise my couples to coordinate and choose clothes that compliment each other. For example, if one person is wearing a solid navy blue top, the other could wear a plaid shirt with navy stripes. Keep in mind that bold colors draw the eye. Use bright colors sparingly. You and your partner are the focus of the engagement photos. So, that neon orange dress you wore the night the two of you met is probably not the best option, even if it does come with a great story.

Man kisses fiancee on the cheek whi;e walking through Mellon Park in Pittsburgh PA

  • Confidence – I am talking about being true to yourself and your personal style. If you want to get your hair and makeup done and wear a fancy dress, go for it! IF that’s what you like to do. Select outfits that accentuate who you are because that will go a long way in making you feel goodWhen you feel good, it shines through in the pictures.

engaged couple smiles for engagement portrait at North Pier in Erie, PA

  • Comfort – Whether you decide to dress up or more casual, it is important to choose clothes you are physically comfortable in.  It is hard to look natural and relaxed if you’re constantly having to rearrange your clothing.  Also, this is not be the time to break in new shoes. However, if you have a pair of heels you absolutely have to wear with your outfit, it’s a good idea to bring a backup pair in case your shoes start to hurt.


Last, But Not Least…

The absolute number one rule is to RELAX and HAVE FUN!  Smile and enjoy the moment. Remember these photos are not only to announce and celebrate your upcoming wedding, but they are for you to look fondly back on for years to come.

couple stands in front of old railroad bridge at the Barn at Conneaut Creek

I hope you find this post helpful in planning for a great engagement photos session. Get a hold of me for more information about booking your wedding or an engagement session. For inspiration, check out some of our past engagement sessions on our blog:

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