Rachel & Matt’s Engagement Session at Modern Tool Square

Rachel and Matt are a sweet, funny, adventurous couple who fit together easily. As we spent the afternoon together on their engagement session at Modern Tool Square, all their sweetness and obvious mutual love for each other shined through. Modern Tool Square is a community of residential buildings here in Erie with lush greenery and a vintage-meets-contemporary feel that aligned with the urban inspiration Rachel and Matt wanted for their engagement photos.Couple walks hand in hand at Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

Rachel & Matt

Rachel and Matt met at the wedding of their mutual friends, Nikki and Bill. Connecting on social media shortly thereafter, sparks flew—from the jump, they messaged nonstop. Rachel was out for drinks with a friend one night, excitedly sharing all the details about their conversations. So, her friend insisted she have Matt join them right then and there. Needless to say, the feelings of excitement were mutual when Rachel texted him the invite. Matt joined Rachel and her friend for drinks where they laughed and talked for five hours straight, the time flying by as they enjoyed getting to know each other.

Two weeks into officially dating, Rachel told that very same friend, “I’m going to marry him one day…but please don’t tell him! I don’t want him to think I’m too clingy!” Rachel’s feelings about Matt were clearly spot-on—Matt also felt the same sense of love and connection from the get-go. They each appreciated the other’s goofy sense of humor; they never spend a dull moment together. A few weeks into their relationship, Rachel took care of Matt when he had the flu; she sat up with him and tenderly rubbed his head until he fell asleep. Matt adds, “I even tolerated watching Mamma Mia that same night. So, I figured that if I could love her while being tortured, then it must be real!” Clearly, a shared taste in musicals isn’t a requirement for a happy, loving relationship.

Woman looks at the camera while fiance smiles at her during engagement session at Modern Tool Square

The Proposal

On May 22, 2019, before a planned dinner date on a beautiful spring evening, Matt insisted they take a walk up to the Bicentennial Tower. All the while, he had his best friend sneakily following behind to take photos. Five minutes before arriving, however, his friend stopped replying to texts and Matt started to worry; thankfully, at the last minute, he saw his photographer in the distance as they walked up to the tower. Matt bent down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him. She immediately burst into joyful tears, ecstatically accepting. Matt then whisked her away to Rum Runners to celebrate immediately after.

Man picks up fiancee and spins her around during engagement session at Modern Tool Square

Engagement Photos at Modern Tool Square

For Rachel and Matt’s engagement session, Modern Tool Square ticked all the boxes. Warm red brick and climbing greenery reflected Rachel and Matt’s shared affinity for slightly rustic, vintage aesthetics with a modern edge.

Engaged couple embracing for engagement session at Modern Tool Square

After shooting the majority of Rachel and Matt’s engagement photos at Modern Tool Square, we dipped into the U Pick 6 Tap House  to warm up and grab a drink. Matt ordered a whiskey sour and Rachel a beer. As we chatted and Rachel and Matt enjoyed their drinks, their love and care for one another was readily apparent. After we’d had a chance to warm up, we headed over to their venue at The Erie Art Museum where we took photos on the steps. As I photographed them, the genuine excitement they experienced simply from being at their wedding venue was obvious; they’re really getting married, and they’re both over the moon.

Couple toasts with their drinks at the U Pick 6 Tap House in Erie, PA

We rounded out their session in a beautiful, quiet little alcove off 4th street, getting in just a few more shots to perfectly cap Rachel and Matt’s engagement photoshoot. It was awesome getting to know Rachel and Matt, and to help them celebrate their engagement.

Engaged couple kissing on the steps of the Erie Art Museum in Erie, PA

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