Erica and Ian’s Modern Tool Square Engagement Photos

I recently had the opportunity to do some Modern Tool Square engagement photos with Erica and Ian. As temperatures cool down and we continue to practice safe COVID distancing measures, it’s always so nice to get outside and get to know the story of an amazing relationship. I loved witnessing their clear love for each other, and the camera loved their contagious smiles! I’m so happy with the results from the day and am thrilled to share them now.

Man runs hand through fiancee's hair in courtyard at Modern Tool Square

From Social Stalking to Late-Night Talking

Erika and Ian’s relationship started in a similar fashion to many modern-day love stories: online. But this wasn’t a case of dating apps or Tinder matches. Instead, Erica perused the Facebook page of a friend-of-a-friend. She had no way of knowing that she was Facebook stalking her future fiancé!

Close up of man and woman's clasped hands showcasing diamond engagement ring

Although the original page she viewed showed that Ian was in a relationship, it wasn’t long before the two were simultaneously single and connected through their mutual friend. Their first date — intended to be a relaxed night of getting to know each other — ending up lasting until the wee hours of the morning. They talked about everything under the sun… even as the sun set and rose behind them!

Woman caresses man's face next to brick wall covered with leaves

It was on the sixth anniversary of this day that Erica and Ian took their relationship to the next level. The proposal took place in their home and was so impromptu that Erika almost missed it! As soon as his girlfriend turned her back to him, Ian took a knee and popped the question. Once Erica fully processed what was happening, she gave her boyfriend a resounding, “Yes!” It was time to update their Facebook relationship statuses.

Couple laughing together as man leans in to kiss woman during Modern Tool Square engagement photos

There’s No Place Like Home!

Erica told me that she first realized she loved Ian when she noticed how perfectly he fit in with her family and friends. His natural fit into her life made Ian “feel like home,” so it felt obvious that we should begin their session in their backyard! This familiar locale also allowed us to incorporate their furry friends into the pictures. Having all paws on deck was the perfect way to make the photos more personal.

Couple squatting down to play with and pet their two dogs in their backyard in Erie, PA

More Engagement Photos at Modern Tool Square

Our next stop was one of my personal favorites: downtown Erie’s Modern Tool Square. The complex’s classic brick and nature-rich backdrops allowed for plenty of engagement shoot inspiration and incredible results.

Woman kisses her fiance next to brick wall covered with yellow leaves for Modern Tool Square engagement photos

Everyone knows that the best books have pictures. To make your love story complete, contact us. It’s always a privilege to celebrate relationships and provide professionally captured memories for you to treasure in the years to come.

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