Rachel and Matt’s Intimate Backyard Wedding That Was Meant to Be

Rachel and Matt’s intimate backyard wedding proved that love truly will find a way. Because I had a such great time creating a couples session for this funny, captivating pair, I was really looking forward to photographing their big day at the stylish Erie Art Museum. Suddenly, the coronavirus waltzed in uninvited and threw a wrench into their carefully made plans. Undaunted, Rachel and Matt worked their magic together and reimagined their wedding with the most important people in their lives. It was such a pleasure to capture their wedding memories at their new dream home in Girard, PA.

Laughing couple at their intimate backyard wedding

Expect the Unexpected

Rachel and Matt are no strangers to dealing with changes out of the blue. On a special weekend trip together to Cleveland, their car got a flat tire. Consequently, they had to take a detour to fix the tire.  Having avoided disaster together, that weekend became one of the most special and memorable times they’ve shared.

The first kiss at man and woman's intimate backyard wedding

Together Always

No matter what they’re doing, Rachel and Matt love to do it together — as it should be. Whether they’re snuggling on the couch to watch a scary movie, spending time with their families, or having breakfast before work, Rachel and Matt know that the important part is doing it together. Their beautifully replanned wedding is no exception.

Couple shares their first dance at their intimate backyard wedding

The Best Laid Plans….

Since she was a girl, Rachel dreamed of her future wedding day: the gown, the groom, the guests, all celebrating in a thoughtfully chosen place. When she and Matt found out their wedding venue was closing, they focused on the people who would make their intimate backyard wedding complete. Together, as always, they chose their newly-purchased home to host their wedding celebration.

Man and woman exchange vows in an intimate backyard wedding at their home

Recessional portrait of couple at their intimate backyard wedding

A Beautiful, Intimate Backyard Wedding

It was a heartwarming experience to photograph this loving couple as they joined their lives together in front of those most dear to them. Their couples portraits in a picturesque, neighboring cemetery made this day of intimate, life-affirming memories complete. With their parents’ long-lasting marriages as examples to live by, it’s clear that a loving life together is in their future. Or, as Rachel says, “Matt is stuck with me until the day one of us dies.”

Bride smiles at her groom as they walk through cemetery in Girard PA

Groom smiles at his bride as they stroll together

Bride and groom walk through cemetery in Girard PA

Your wedding is about the two of you celebrating with your family and friends somewhere that’s special to you; whether in your own backyard or a fancy venue. We would love to help you capture special memories of your time together. Contact us to learn how we can create treasured images of those cherished moments.

If COVID has caused you to scrap your big wedding plans in favor of a more intimate celebration, check out some of our couples who had beautiful, intimate weddings at their homes:


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