Julie and Dan’s Warm, Winter Watson-Curtze Mansion Wedding

Held on December 28, Julie and Dan’s Watson Curtze mansion wedding was our last of 2019. We were elated to end this decade of photography with Julie and Dan; the ceremony and reception were both absolutely beautiful, and their family and friends were so warm and welcoming. Bridal portraits, the first look, and the reception were held at the Watson-Curtze Mansion, and the ceremony at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Both venues are right here in Erie, PA.

Groom embraces bride in front of Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

The Couple

When Julie and Dan went on their first date back in 2013, they both just knew right away. Over a game of mini golf at Presque Isle State Park, Dan was immediately charmed by Julie’s sense of humor. She was jokingly frustrated with the game, which Dan thought was super-cute. Likewise, Julie had Dan figured out from the jump: “He needed a haircut…I knew at that point he needed somebody to take care of him and keep him in line.” The pair have shared endless laughs together ever since.

Bride sits n piano while groom plays at wedding at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

The Proposal

On March 7, 2019, Dan placed a decoy ring in a pretty bag and tied in to their dog Ozzie’s collar. (He’s an Aussiedoodle, for any curious dog lovers out there.) He then told Ozzie to “go get mama!” When Julie took the bag off Ozzie’s collar, she saw the note Dan had written which read, “Forever?” Upon turning around, she saw Dan on one knee with the real ring in hand. Of course, she said yes—the rest is history.

Couple kissing next to Christmas tree at Watson Curtze Mansion

Bridal Portraits & The First Look at the Watson-Curtze Mansion

The Watson-Curtze Mansion is a historic building here in Erie, PA. With stained glass windows, stunning woodwork, elaborate mosaics, and gorgeous paintings, it makes a perfect setting for bridal portraits. Built in 1891, it evokes a classic, old-world elegance.

Bride gets groom's attention for first look at wedding at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

Groom reacts to seeing his bride at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

The Ceremony

The absolutely breathtaking ceremony was held at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, just a couple of miles away from the Watson-Curtze Mansion. Julie’s parents were married there decades before, imbuing the service with additional history and meaning. The chapel was adorned with wintery pine and twinkle lights, perfectly complementing the intimate beauty of the ceremony. Love and joy filled the space; it was abundantly clear that everyone present was ecstatic for Julie and Dan, and agreed this was meant to be.

Couple smiling at the end of wedding at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Erie, PA

First kiss at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Erie, PA

Recessional photo of bride and groom at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Erie, PA

The Wedding Reception at Watson-Curtze Mansion

Every corner of the Watson-Curtze Mansion is stunning. It was equally perfect for a reception party as it was for bridal portraits—there was ample space for everyone to dance and celebrate. As we mentioned earlier, the mansion itself is already beautifully decorated; however, Julie and Dan were still able to add a few touches to personalize it for their reception. As everyone relaxed and enjoyed the party, it was clear that this wedding was one of the best possible ways to wrap up 2019.

Bride and groom watch their guests during wedding at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

First dance during wedding at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

Thank you to Julie and Dan for welcoming us as part of their special day. We loved ending the 2010s with them, and wish them all the best in the 2020s!

Bride and groom laughing at wedding at Watson Curtze Mansion in Erie, PA

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