Ella & Riley’s Winter Engagement Session in Waterford, PA

As wedding photographers in Erie, PA, it should be easy to plan for winter engagement sessions, right? Not exactly! But we got lucky with Ella and Riley’s engagement photos. We were excited to finally have the weather corporate for this winter-themed session. Thanks, Ella and Riley for braving the cold and snow with us to capture these stunning engagement photos. It was fun meeting this easy-going couple and their dog, Merle.

Couple plays with their dog in the woods during a winter engagement session in Waterford, PA

Not So Planned First Date

Many couples will recall their first date as a joyous occasion, but this isn’t exactly the case with Ella and Riley. The couple was friends all throughout high school. Ella spent her senior year hoping Riley would ask her out, but “in typical Riley fashion” (Ella smiles at this statement), he didn’t. Shortly after graduation, Ella had surgery to repair her ACL, and Riley visited her several times during her recovery. One day, the couple finally gave in to the universe’s signs and went to a movie. “It was the worst movie ever,”  Ella recalls. This first date did not go as planned, but that did not deter the couple. It’s hard to ignore a strong love connection!

Engaged couple hugging in Waterford, PA

An Overdue Proposal

In typical Riley fashion, the proposal did not go as expected either. Ella had been thinking for a couple of years that Riley would be proposing any day now, but he never did. So she had almost given up hope on a proposal any time soon! With no special plans for New Year’s Eve, Ella was leaving to go to the gym with her mom and sister when Riley called to make lunch plans. The gym ended up being closed, so Ella went over to Riley’s house to get ready to head to their normal date spot, The Waterford Hotel. When they got back to Ella’s house, Riley continued hanging around his truck as Ella went to play with Merle. Riley called her back to the truck and much to Ella’s surprise, there he was with a ton of flowers and then he dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring. Ella’s response, “seriously?!?!” Her family quickly came out to celebrate the big news with the newly engaged couple.

Woman steals cowboy hat from her fiance during winter engagement session in Waterford PA

Winter Engagement Session in Waterford, PA

We held the couple’s winter engagement session at a small park in Waterford and finished up at Riley’s grandparents’ farm, which is the same place the wedding will be. The photos turned out amazing and fit perfectly with the couple’s country style. We can’t wait to photograph their St. George Church wedding in September.

Couple kisses in front of a gazebo in a park in downtown Waterford, PA

Man lifts fiancee and kisses her in front of a barn during winter engagement session in Waterford PA

Couple plays with dog in the snow on a family farm in Waterford, PA

It’s always a joy being part of capturing a couple’s love story. Contact us to book your engagement session or wedding photography and become part of the MM Family!

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