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We’re all about the helping over here at Matt Mead Wedding Photography. We don’t just show up on the day and snap a few photos and call it a job well done. We are with you from early on. For many of you, we’re there from the engagement forward. So we like to make sure you have all the info we can possibly get to you to make things easier, including all things bridal showers.

We’ve covered planning a honeymoon and different ways to do the rehearsal dinner, to name just a couple of our helpful posts. ((smile))

Sometimes there is more than one different bridal showers representing different aspects of the bride’s life. For example, perhaps your mother-in-law wants to do something more traditional with games and a present theme to help you, say, build a well-stocked kitchen. And then maybe your best friend since high school wants to do something a little different.

Regardless of who is doing the planning, it can get pretty stressful like any part of a wedding. There’s just so many details to manage, and bridal showers can come with a lot of expectations, right?

So when we say “all things bridal showers,” we mean it. We’ll look at all the aspects of planning, but first let’s start with some trends and ideas to help you create a unique experience for everyone involved.

all things bridal showers

Trends in Bridal Showers

Most of us have been to at least one of the more traditional bridal showers at some point in our lives. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things the way things have been done. Some of us grew up around this sort of shower, watching our aunts or older siblings have them, and have always dreamed of being at the center of our very own.

You know.. the shower where there are games and prizes and a bouquet made of ribbons from all the gifts the bride is opening (from one or another of her registries). There’s more a sort of “formal” air to the whole thing. That can be great and also? We’re here with some other ideas.

Remember that the bridal shower can be anything you want it to be. You’re likely someone who is very close to the bride and knows her well. What would she love?

To get the idea juices flowing for all things bridal showers:

Have a wine tasting with a pro

This might sound formal but you could do it picnic style if the weather is right. Or if you know someone with a big old barn, that could be fun. You could also create a theme. Perhaps the couple will be honeymooning in Italy. Have only Italian wines and Italian small plates to accompany. The idea is also learn something from the pro you’ve enlisted about the wines themselves and about the art of wine tasting itself.

Have a craft or art party

That’s a general category but the specifics come down to your bride. Maybe she loves to knit or scrapbook. Or perhaps she’s an amateur photographer herself. Does she like painting, ceramics, or perfumery? Whatever it is, you can find someone local who teaches it. Throw in good drink and food and you’ve got a unique bridal shower that no one will forget.

Go down the woo path

We say that with levity and not mockery. Is your bride into tarot or astrology or yoga or reiki? Or all of that? Again, invite a couple of local experts and let the play and laughter begin!

Dance, dance, dance

No, don’t just put on some records and tell everyone to GO! (You could do that, but again, know your bride and guests.) But we mean, have in a dance teacher to teach you a routine. You could do something thematic for the wedding and then have a surprise during the reception!

Like we said, what would your bride love? Does she have a passion or hobby that is a huge part of her life? Can you honor her by incorporating that into the festivities? And now…

all things bridal showers

The basics of planning all things bridal showers

The really basic basics

No matter what aspect of the wedding we’re writing about here, we always start in the same place: Budget. What is your budget for the bridal shower? Get very clear on this right up front. This will determine everything from location to food to the number of guests.


Once you know your budget, decide what kind of bridal shower you’re having so you can start finding appropriate locations. Location scouting goes hand in hand with date selection. What’s available and when. Of course, coordinate this with your bride.

And if your shower includes having expert guests and helpers, get on that ASAP. That dance teacher you love might be awfully busy. Get her on the calendar.

Timing the invitations

You can’t just throw an event like this together quickly and you can’t expect guests to respond positively to invites without a good amount of warning time. So solidify that guest list, gather all the info (whether paper invites or online), and get invitations to people a good six to eight weeks ahead of time.

Food, drink, snacks, and goodies

Depending on where you’re having the shower, you might be more in charge of different parts of the menu. Some people love to make their own cupcakes or cookies (cookie table!) for example. Or you need different vendors for each aspect of this if you’re not having the party at a restaurant. Remember to delegate as much as you can. Get people involved!

All things bridal showers — the miscellany

  • Do you need to purchase decorations or goodie bags or prizes of some kind?
  • Will there be games? What do you need for that?
  • Do you need an awesome playlist for background?
  • Are you doing traditional things like the ribbon bouquet?
  • Do you have someone you can ask to make sure to be taking photos?
  • What about a helper to sit and write down the gift information?
  • And finally, create an itinerary. This can help everyone to feel comfortable, knowing what’s happening and for how long.

Above all, remember that this is all supposed to be fun!

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