Spring Engagement Photos in Downtown Erie with Ariel and Aaron

June 4, 2019

When I met Ariel and Aaron, it felt like I had known them for years. Their authenticity and kindness led to a wonderful spring engagement photo shoot where I learned their story and fell in love with them even more.

Couple about to kiss during spring engagement photos at Modern Tool Square

How they met

When you move from the rural parts of Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, you’d expect the culture shock that accompanies the move. The last thing you’d expect to find in the restaurant scene is true love. For Aaron, that’s exactly what happened. While he soon befriended all of his other coworkers, it took a bit longer for him to meet Ariel. But when he did, it was love at first sight. Ariel took a leap of faith and went through the company’s email list to wish Aaron a happy birthday as an excuse to give him her number. Quickly the two grew closer and closer, knowing that the other was The One. Through the highs and lows of the restaurant business, they created the perfect subtle support system of passing Ariel’s ring back and forth when the other was overwhelmed. Through their incredibly unique version of a worry stone, they showed that their love and support for the other was unbreakable.


Woman smiles at man during spring engagement photos at the First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

Spring engagement photo of couple kissing outside church door

The proposal

The first time Aaron met Ariel’s parents at her parents’ house, Aaron and Ariel’s father bonded over…what else? Aaron washing her father’s car while her father drank his favorite beer! I think at that point everyone knew they were destined to be together. After a whirlwind six months of dating, they moved in together and moved to Texas. Then, they found the perfect ring and molded their worry stone ring into it.

Aaron might have had an exuberant plan to propose, maybe not. Either way, after an exciting day of finding the perfect ring, Ariel’s mind was full of plans for the future. When Aaron crouched down in front of pajama-clad Ariel, she knew he was going to propose right then and there. With an excited Yes! written clearly on her face before he even asked, Aaron knew that this was his time. He left, came back to kneel down, and popped the question, to which Ariel, of course, answered yes. After they got engaged, Ariel and Aaron decided to move back to Pittsburgh.

Couple embraces and laughs together next to wrought iron fence in their spring engagement photos

Spring engagement photos in Erie

We began their engagement photos at Modern Tool Square in downtown Erie.

Woman grabs man's shirt collar during spring engagement photos at Modern Tool Square

Couple smiles at each other for spring engagement photos at Modern Tool Square

Couple about to kiss in their spring engagement photos at Modern Tool Square

Then we continued their engagement photo session as we went to the First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant whose gothic architecture allowed for equally stunning photos.

Spring enagement photos of couple kissing under archway of First Presbyterian Church

I know that as these two move forward together, they will bring smiles and happiness to each other and everyone they meet.

Couple holds hands and face each other for spring engagement photos outside First Presbyterian Church of the Covenenant

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