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Katrina and Joe’s Beach Glass Estates Wedding

When Katrina and Joe told us they planned to say “I Do” with a Beach Glass Estates Wedding, we knew they had great taste. But, when they told us  their engagement photo session would take us to the site of their first date at Harbor View Mini Golf Course we knew they were going to be loads of fun too!  Going back to where your love story first started, or your first date location is always a great idea for engagement photos!  The memories that surface when remembering your first date brings out the best smiles.  And great smiles make for great and naturally authentic photos!

Smiling bride escorted by her father at Beach Glass estates wedding

Groom smilies as he watches bride walk down the aisle of the chapel at Beach Glass Estates

First Date Spots Make Great Engagement Shots! 

This dog-loving, brunch-eating couple met when set up by mutual friends.  Katrina wasn’t entirely sure she really wanted to go on a first date, but when her friend reminded her that the worst part could be the free meal she’d get out of it, she agreed to go out with Joe!  As Katrina says, “It’s a good thing I gave that date a shot!”  

Couple shares first dance in the courtyard at Beach Glass Estates wedding

Joe proposed at the site of their first date, adding even more special meaning to their mini-golf excursion and their engagement photos! As they began planning their ceremony and reception, celebrating their love with family and friends was their number one priority.  Their goal for the perfect wedding was that their cheeks hurt from spending so much of the day, smiling.  We love this goal. 

Smiling couple during recessional at Beach Glass Estates wedding

Beach Glass Estates Wedding, A Venue Filled with Tradition

With this vision of celebrating their union with their family and friends at the top of their priority list,  Katrina and Joe chose a wedding venue steeped in tradition and history.   Having a wedding at Beach Glass Estates, located on Lake Erie, means celebrating at a place with over a 100-year-old history. Originally home to Episcopal monks, Beach Glass Estates has since been restored into a timeless wedding and event venue.  The choice to marry in a venue steeped in history and longevity does not go unnoticed.  Just like a historical venue, great marriages don’t just materialize but are carefully and deliberately cultivated in history and longevity as well.  Good choice, Katrina, and Joe!

Couple exchanging vows in the chapel at Beach Glass Estates

First kiss in the chapel at Beach Glass Estates wedding

Sunset Views and a Lake Erie Cooling Breeze 

Capturing those moments of sheer joy smiling was as easy and memorable as the breeze off of Lake Erie.   Whether they were smiling as they walked down the chapel aisle, kissing under the stone arches after their wedding at Beach Glass Estates, or silhouetted by the Lake Erie sunset, these two had plenty of reasons for sore cheeks by the end of the evening.  

Smiling bride and groom at Beach Glass Estates wedding

Bride and groom embracing at sunset at Beach Glass Estates wedding

It was an honor to help take these moments of joy and celebration from one day in their life together and create long-lasting, forever available portraits they will always remember.  Wedding photos are meant to be enjoyed for years to come.  We understand and commit to capturing your moments of history, naturally.  We want this process to be easy like Sunday morning for you. Contact us if you are searching for a wedding photographer in Erie, PA.  We would love to talk and see if we are the fit you need to capture your engagement and wedding day photos. 

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