Jillian and Jared’s Beautiful Brewerie Wedding in Erie PA

Even before their Brewerie wedding day, Jillian Peck and Jared Dalrymple had already begun to create a lasting relationship together. Not only had they fallen in love with each other, but they had also come together as a family of three. And who is this third member of their family? Braelynn, Jillian’s daughter, had given them her blessing to get married.

I first met Jillian, Jared, and Braelynn last summer to photograph their engagement. The results of that first session showed a couple that loved each other and Braelynn so much. The photos were full of all the feels!

I was looking forward to photographing their wedding at the Brewerie at Union Station, and their day in downtown Erie surpassed my expectations.

bride, groom and her daughter during Brewerie wedding in Erie PA

How I Met Your Mother

The bride and groom met through social media in 2014. Early in their relationship, Jillian and Jared bonded over TV shows. The show, How I Met Your Mother, holds a special place in their hearts. This was the first show that they watched together, and now they share a LOT of inside jokes because of it. Barney Stinson himself might have even played a role in the couple’s groomsmen proposals. Challenge accepted.

As Jillian and Jared became closer, a special bond also developed between Jared and Braelynn. This young lady played an important role in bringing the couple even closer together.

Which brings me to their wedding day!

bride and her little girl at Brewerie wedding

A Unique Union

The ceremony was beautiful and love was definitely in the air. The outdoor Erie, PA wedding was held at Griswold Plaza near the historic Union Station. The bridal party included both family and friends of the bride and groom.

groom and groomsmen at Brewerie wedding in Erie PA

bride and her bridesmaid at Brewerie wedding in downtown Erie PA

groom and bridesmaids hold up bride at Brewerie wedding in downtown Erie PA

bridal party at Brewerie wedding in downtown Erie PA

During their wedding ceremony, Jillian and Jared held a special and unique unity ceremony. Rather than lighting a candle together or pouring sand into a shared glass, Jillian and Jared chose to symbolize the blending of their lives by blending two varieties of wine that they had specially chosen for this occasion. This was a first for me, and I loved the idea of mixing two individual wines to create a new flavor for the couple to share together.

set up for a wine mixing unity ceremony at Brewerie wedding in downtown Erie PA

The Brewerie Wedding Reception

After pronouncing Jillian and Jared husband and wife, it was time to celebrate! The reception was conveniently located steps away at The Brewerie at Union Station. The Brewerie wedding venue provided a fun and nostalgic atmosphere to eat, drink, and form lifelong memories.

bride and groom are introduced at reception at Brewerie at Union Station

Erie PA bride and groom sharing cake

Erie Pa bride and groom share first dance at their Brewerie wedding

Congratulations to Jillian, Jared, and Braelynn! Thank you for sharing your story with me. It is my honor to have been there to celebrate both your engagement and your beautiful Brewerie wedding. May you continue to create lasting memories together for many years to come.

bride and groom kiss under her veil at Brewerie wedding in Erie PA

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