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Catherine & Jamie’s Courtyard Erie Bayfront Wedding

One aspect remains consistent in talking with couples throughout our (5+!) years of wedding photography: a desire for authentic photography.  Trends and styles may change, but wanting unposed engagement and wedding photos has not! Our clients want us to capture moments that mean something to them!  You know, those moments that are so raw and real, they just can’t be recreated. This means we capture and preserve genuine and spontaneous giggles. We hold on to the tears that fall in moments of pure happiness. We create memories of hands held intertwined and stolen kisses snuck in between greeting guests.  

Bridal portrait of couple outside a Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

Authentic photos and capturing a real experience were important to Jaime and Catherine. Reactions and interactions were what they wanted to remember from their wedding day. We did a pretty darn good job of looking for those moments.  It helps to have couples head over heels in love and photograph them at one of our favorite venues! 

Couple walk hand in hand during bridal portraits at their Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

Their love story started many years ago as Catherine’s brother had known Jamie since college. But it was at a bar hangout with family and friends in 2018 Catherine and Jamie realized that they wanted to see more of each other.  The first date was a concert, and then the music just kept playing for these two.  

First dance at a Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

A Courtyard Erie Bayfront Wedding

Exquisite in an elegant lace draped, form-fitting gown, Catherine took her guest’s breath away.  Besides being a beauty, her smile is what brightened the lighted tent in the Anchor Plaza outside the Courtyard Erie Bayfront, a waterfront venue with breathtaking views of Lake Erie’s Presque Isle Bay.   Jaime, wearing the proudest and happiest grin you’ve ever seen, was handsomely suited in a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie.  Catherine said it best when asked what she was most looking forward to on their wedding day.  “Celebrating with all the people who are in my life as I marry the best guy in the world.”  To Catherine and Jamie, celebrating with their family and friends as they vowed their commitment was their dream come true.  

First kiss at a Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

Recessional photo pof couple at their Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

We love Catherine and Jamie’s couple portraits after their ceremony alongside the water outside their  Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding.  With the picturesque view of Presque Isle Bay, clouds floating lazily in the background, you could feel the romance in the air and the spark of chemistry between them.  Such spontaneous joy can only be captured at this moment and can never be reproduced again.  Though, the gift we give to Catherine, Jamie, and to all our married couples is the gift of preserving your bit of history on your special day so that you can relive it all over again. 

Couple shares glass of champagne outside the hotel at their Courtyard Erie Bayfront wedding

At Matt Mead Photography, we do the posed photos too because you’ll cherish them with your family and relatives. But we’re also great at diving deep into authentic images that capture a real experience of your event.  If that sounds like what you want,  let’s make it happen.

Couple walking around the base of the Bicentennial Tower on their wedding day

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