Erie Activities for Out of Town Guests

Every wedding is sort of a “destination” wedding for some of the guests, right? Having your wedding in your hometown is no guarantee that there won’t be guests traveling. And if they’re traveling, they’re probably spending multiple nights away from their home. As the busy bride and groom, you can’t just drop everything to entertain them. As always, we’re here to help! This list of Erie activities for out of town guests is a resource you can share and people can take it from there.

No matter the season of your wedding, there’s always plenty to do around here. Whether your guests are active or enjoy spectator sports or theatre or would rather taste wines while staring at a beautiful view, we’ve got your covered.

(As a matter of fact, when we think about it, a lot of our favorite wedding venues in Erie crossover with this things-to-do list.)

Let’s start with the most obvious tourist attraction we have…

Erie Activities for Out of Town Guests

Presque Isle State Park

We’ve met Erie people who don’t even know this, but Presque Isle gets over 4 million visitors a year. And here’s the really crazy part of that stat: it’s more than what Yosemite National Park gets!

If your out of town guests have never been to beaches on a Great Lake, they are in for a treat, for sure. That might be enough to keep them occupied the whole time they’re in Erie. Between beach going and trail walking and riding bikes, is there really time for anything else?

You can also point them to the Environmental Center, which has great views from the tower that’s attached. Or you can tell them to head over to the bay side and climb the Bicentennial Tower for views of the water and the city all in one.

If your guests are in town during the right season, there’s also Waldameer amusement and water park.

One of the benefits of Presque Isle for people who love being outdoors is its year-round appeal. The summer is gorgeous, of course, but so is the fall, and if you don’t mind wrapping yourself in good winter gear, the quiet and beauty of winter is really unmatched.

Other Nature

Besides Presque Isle, there’s plenty of Erie nature activities for out of town guests to explore without going too far.

Asbury Woods is close to the Erie airport. With 216 acres, miles and miles of trails, and creeks to explore, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Check out their website for events.

With just a bit more of a drive, there’s Erie Bluffs State Park. After a short hike, you get rewarded with big, dramatic views!

Staying close to downtown, the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier has great paths, a playground, and plenty of vistas for picnics. (There’s also one of our greatest chocolate makers across the street. WIN!)

For even more options, including golf, fishing, bike rentals, boats, go here.

And finally, there’s the Erie Zoo. Because it’s on the smaller side, it’s extra friendly for small children and even older adults who aren’t up for a lot of walking.

Erie Activities for Out of Town Guests

Erie Activities for Out of Town Guests: Sports

If your friends and families are fans of baseball, of course, we have the Double-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, the Erie SeaWolves (and our ball park is quite lovely, if we do say so ourselves).

For hockey lovers, we have the Erie Otters, members of the Midwest division of the Ontario Hockey League, one of only three American teams in the circuit.

Arts and Entertainment

Erie is a small city but our Art Museum doesn’t show that. Whether you’re admiring the architecture or the collections, our museum is one to be proud of.

And right next door is the Experience Children’s Museum, with great long standing exhibits and constantly fresh events.

For the live theatre lover, check out the Erie Playhouse. For a wide array of music, song, dance and other cultural events, try the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture.

Our Warner Theatre is on the national registry of historic places and is worth just seeing, besides checking out the plethora of shows. It’s also home to our Philharmonic, a professional level philharmonic founded in 1913.

Erie Activities for Out of Town Guests

Activities for Out of Town Guests: Outside the City

Venturing outside the city opens up even more possibilities for activities for out of town guests.

Heading out to North East is worth it just for the drive. The lake views really open up and you get a better sense of its vastness. If you’re here in the late summer/early fall, you’ll get the added sense experience of smelling the grapes as they ripen and are ready for harvest.

A visit to wine country is never boring, as there are about 20 wineries to choose from.

Just right over the border in New York, you’ll find Peek ‘n Peak Resort. Known for skiing, there’s so much more to do, including zip lining, a pool and play zone, and a full service spa.

Going a bit south of the city, you’ll find a casino complete with horse racing!

Of course, you and your wedding are the main attraction, but we hope this list of Erie activities for out of town guests helps. Just send them this link and they’ll be good to go!


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