A Gorgeous Wedding at the George Washington Hotel for Bryan & Brandy

When Bryan and Brandy first approached me to photograph their wedding at the George Washington Hotel, I knew it would be an amazing experience—both for the happy couple and for me as a photographer! As I spent time with them, it was obvious that they were madly in love with one another—and that’s what makes a great shoot spectacular.

Bride strokes groom's cheek outside Washington and Jefferson College at night

How It All Began

Bryan Pierce and Brandy Reams first met in December 2016 as students at Carlow University. Although they’d shared classes for several years, it wasn’t until one fateful, chilly day in December that they first started talking.

A spark was immediate from their first meeting, but they didn’t start going out right away. In fact, it was only after their last undergraduate final that Brandy said ‘yes’ to Bryan’s request for a date. And what a first date it was: they went to Brandy’s first (but certainly not last) Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game!

Bride and groom laughing on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse

The Engagement

The moment of truth for Bryan and Brandy came last September, when a casual night at the Milkshake Factory took a turn for the unforgettable. Bryan had decided to pop the question then and there, and got down on one knee as Brandy went to get their shakes from the counter. When she turned around, though, she almost tripped right over him!

In front of a few other customers and some employees—casually, comfortably, and totally in love—Bryan asked Brandy to marry him, and she said yes.

Bride and groom laughing at the end of their wedding ceremony

First Look + Bridals

Washington, PA is a charming town, and offers ample opportunities for beautiful shots. For Bryan and Brandy’s first look and bridal photos, we went to the Washington County Courthouse. Designed in the Italian Renaissance style, the courthouse provides a gorgeously dramatic backdrop for a young couple!

Bride gets broom's attention during first look

Groom reacts to seeing bride during first look

Groom hugs bride after first look

Bridal party walking outside the Washington County Courthouse

Bride and groom kiss on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse

Bridal party laughing together in Washington,PA

While there, we had a surprise visit from a horse-drawn carriage and photographed the couple with the horses.

Bride and groom pet horses on horse drawn carriage in Washington, PA

Bride and groom standing in front of horse drawn carriage in Washington, PA

Bride and groom kiss with horse drawn carriage in the background

A Gorgeous Wedding at the George Washington Hotel

After the couple’s beautiful ceremony at Sacred Heart Church, the reception took place at the stunning George Washington Hotel. Surrounded by friends and family, it was clear why two such caring, joyful people found such a meaningful connection together!

Bride and groom practice first dance in Grand Ballroom of the George Washington Hotel

Bride and groom share first dance at their wedding at the George Washington Hotel

We also took some ethereal nighttime photos around the town of Washington and on the beautiful campus of Washington and Jefferson College.

Bride and groom kiss on the Washington and Jefferson college campus at night

Every wedding is different, because every couple is different. As a wedding photographer, I get to see Erie and Pittsburgh at their most romantic. Even when I’m photographing the same locations, every shoot captures something new and beautiful. I can’t thank Bryan and Brandy enough for letting me be part of their special day.

Bridal party outside of the Washington County Courthouse

Photography is the business of making memories that truly last. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Erie or Pittsburgh, get in touch with me—I’d love to meet you and help you make your special day one to remember!

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