Brennan Proposes to Brittany on Presque Isle

I love every couple that I have the opportunity to photograph. It’s such an honor to get to be a part of special moments and get to know each happy pair. Every once and a while, I’ll even get the chance to be part of a secret scheme! That was the case with Brennan and Brittany. The former reached out to me with a plan for an epic surprise Presque Isle proposal, and wanted me to capture the big moment. Of all the wedding photographers in Erie, PA, I feel so lucky that Brennan trusted me with the big reveal! Now that the plan has been pulled off, I’m thrilled to share the results with the world.

Woman puts hands on man's cheek and pulls him in for a kiss on Beach 1 at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA

X Marks the Spot!

As Brennan tells it, his mom has always been very picky about his girlfriends. No matter who he started dating, she never seemed to be a fan… that is, at least, until Brittany came along. When he brought the girl he was crazy about home to his mom, he finally got the stamp of approval. It was then that Brennan was 100% sure that Brittany was the One.

Man and woman walk together on Beach 1 at Presque Isle State Park in Erie PA

Of course, the road to get there was often a little less clear. Brittany and Brennan initially met digitally and after much back-and-forth over various apps, Brennan started worrying that he would never land a real date with her. Though things obviously worked out for the best, it seems only fair that Brennan decided to send Brittany on a similar wild goose chase for the big proposal.

Man sneaks up behind woman and hugs her on beach at Presque Isle proposal in Erie, PA

He artfully planned an elaborate scavenger hunt, having Brittany visit some of their relationship’s most iconic spots. Driven around by her best friend, Brittany eventually arrived at Presque Isle State Park where Brennan and I were waiting.

The Presque Isle Proposal Session

When I arrived at the park, Brennan had me pretend to be just an average photographer, taking pictures of the scenery. This wasn’t a hard disguise to pull off – the beauty of Presque Isle is every photographer’s dream! Of course, when Brittany arrived, I was able to break character and document the proposal.

Man surprises woman with Presque Isle proposal in Erie, PA

Man surprising girlfriend with Presque Isle proposal in Erie, PA

Man down on one knee about to propose at Presque Isle in Erie, PA

Woman reacts to seeing boutfriend pull out a ring box during Presque Isle proposal in Erie, PA

Woman kisses man after he proposes on Beach 1 at Presque Isle  State Park in Erie, PA

Clasped hands of man and woman with focus on woman's engagement ring in Erie, PA

Set against the sparkling water and filled with stunning wildlife, the pictures featuring the happy couple were even more magical than my scenery shots as a spy! Although I have a lot of experiencing providing engagement photo inspiration for my clients, no pose can top genuine surprise and joy!

Man and woman kiss on rock lined walkway leading to the lake on Beach 1 at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA

Engagement & Wedding Photography in Erie, PA

If you’re looking for an Erie wedding photographer to capture your relationship’s milestones and biggest smiles, contact Matt Mead Photography today. Whether you need a spy, inspiration, or just someone to yell “cheese!”, it would be an honor to join you on your special day.

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