Marjorie and Zeke’s Intimate Quincy Cellars Wedding

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the Quincy Cellars wedding of Marjorie Schillo and Zeke Virant. These college sweethearts knew they were in it for the long haul long before they said “I do.” This amazing couple has already been together for 13 years! Clearly, they’ve done their homework on how to make a relationship last.

bride and groom embrace in the vineyard at their Quincy Cellars wedding

The Connection

Marjorie and Zeke first looked eyes on their very first day of classes at Bard College back in 2005. The two played frisbee on the lawn before heading to a nearby swing set for an extracurricular lesson in flirting. The night ended with Zeke making the first move and they began dating shortly after. Their relationship was fueled by secret inside jokes and steady support for one another. They managed to make their relationship work through all the ups and downs of college life and developed a deep, loving bond.  By their Senior year, they were living together. Zeke and Marjorie both pretty much knew then that they wanted to be together forever.

Peeking through the vines as a bride and groom embrace in the vineyards at their Quincy Cellars wedding

The Proposal

Both Zeke and Marjorie were content with their relationship without engagement rings and bridal showers for many years. It wasn’t until Marjorie got the offer of a lifetime that she began to consider marriage. In January 2014, Marjorie received an offer for a postdoctoral position at a university in Belgium. While she was excited for this wonderful opportunity, she knew she could not go without Zeke by her side. So, Marjorie proposed. The couple decided the time was finally right to make their partnership official.

bride and groom hold hands during their Quincy Cellars wedding ceremony

The Quincy Cellars Wedding

Marjorie and Zeke opted for a very private affair to say their vows. They decided to ditch the traditional bridal party altogether, instead focusing solely on the intimate moment of becoming husband and wife.  Their Quincy Cellars wedding was stunning! It is an absolutely amazing venue with an elegant yet rustic flare. We took the bulk of the bridal shots and the first reveal in the lush vineyards on the property.

bride and groom holding each other in the vineyard at Quincy Cellars wedding

bride and groom in the middle of the vineyards at their Quincy Cellars wedding

couple exchanging vows during their Quincy Cellars wedding

first kiss as man and wife during Quincy Cellars wedding

couple walks together at the end of their Quincy Cellars wedding ceremony

It was such a beautiful day to be outside nestled in between the grapevines and blue skies celebrating this happy couple. The vibrant green and deep purples made for the perfect backdrop. The sweet smell of the grapes ripening on the vines added to the tender moments they shared together during their first look. This wedding was such a beautiful event filled with so much love and excitement.  I sincerely wish them all the best on their next adventures together.

bride and groom embrace in the vineyard at Quincy Cellars wedding

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