Meet Our Second Photographer: Kayla Amendola

If you follow us on social media, you probably already know that Matt Mead Photography is made up of me and my wife, Teri. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to our second photographer — Ms. Kayla Amendola. For me, having a second photographer at your wedding isn’t just a luxury; it’s an essential part of the day. This is especially true when you have a second photographer as talented as Kayla.  Let me explain why:

second photographer, Kayla Amendola, poses with bride, groom, and penguin at Pittsburgh National Aviary

Kayla Amendola (far right) with MM couple, Jon and Mary Dailey, and special guest penguin.

Erie PA second photographer, Kayla Amendola, poses with bride and groom at wedding reception

Kayla Amendola (middle) with MM couple Justin and Angie Snyder

Similar Style, Two Perspectives

One of the reasons Kayla and I work so well together is that we share a similar photography style. Even though our styles are very similar, her eye is unique to her. A different view of your day is always a beautiful thing.

father and bride hug on her wedding day

first look photo from bride's perspective in Erie PA

groom wipes away a tear at Erie PA wedding

photo of wedding ceremony from choir balcony in Erie PA

second photographer's view of bride and groom cuttting the cake at Pittsburgh National Aviary

second photographer's perspective of couple's first dance at their wedding reception at Pittsburgh National Aviary

The Devil’s in the Details

As experienced Erie PA wedding photographers, we know a lot of work and care go into planning the day and all the details deserve their time in front of the camera. Kayla is awesome at capturing all the details of your day. From your wedding bands to centerpieces to cake toppers, she makes sure no detail is missed.

photo of wedding bands at Erie PA wedding

cake table set up at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel wedding in Erie, PA

floral decoration at Erie PA wedding

close up photo of cake topper from Erie PA wedding

tribute to mothers at Erie PA weddding

close up photo of teal ribbon with mom photo pinned on groom's lapel in Erie PA

We usually do our couple’s portraits during the cocktail hour of the reception. While I’m with you and your beloved, Kayla gets candid photographs of your guests mingling while they enjoy a drink and some hors d’oeuvres. You can relax during your couple’s portraits knowing that while you weren’t physically there, you’ll have memories of your family and friends having a great time. Knowing this, as you can see, frees us up to create moments like these.

Erie PA couple kiss during bridal photography at Penn State Behrend campus

Erie PA couple enbrace during bridal portraits on Penn State Behrend campus

Two Cameras Are Better Than One

The wedding day can be crazy and hectic. There is a lot going on. More often than not, it’s all happening at the same time. When there are two photographers, we help keep the day on schedule and running smoothly. This starts while you’re getting ready. I photograph the lads (a.k.a. – keeping them out of trouble), while Kayla hangs out with our brides and bridesmaids as they’re getting ready. Here she’s able to capture the anticipation and excitement in the moments leading up to the ceremony.

bride opens letter from groom while getting ready

bride cries after opening wedding gift from groom

bride does her own makeup before Erie PA wedding

second photographer's photo of wedding dress

This Second Photographer’s Got My Back…and Yours

Let’s face it; stuff happens. Cars break down, camera gear breaks down, the priest steps in front of me during your first kiss… Whatever the stuff may be, I know that if something unexpected happened to me or my gear, Kayla is able to step in like a rockstar and make sure there are no missed moments on your day.

child smiling at camera during wedding reception in Erie PA

child sits on the floor and throws flower petals in Erie PA

Check out some of the other Erie PA weddings where Kayla has worked with me:



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    Congratulations, Kayla and the LLC!

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