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An engaged couple would have to try pretty hard to find a bad Erie, Pa wedding venue. We are lucky to have so many good venues to celebrate the most important day in a couple’s life together. In my professional opinion, there are a few wedding venues that are a cut above the rest. One of those wedding venues is the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel.

How the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel Stands Apart

The Sheraton Bayfront Hotel is the perfect place for couples who want zero worries on their wedding day. It’s “one stop shop for everything”.  The hotel offers four wedding packages that include everything for a fairytale event. These packages include rooms, food, beverage, linens, and even an open bar. The hotel can accommodate both the wedding and the reception. No getting lost on the way from the ceremony to the reception or worrying about who is going to drive from one place to the other. Instead, the hotel offers a centrally located wedding area that provides a smooth transition from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception.

Sheraton Bayfront hotel wedding ceremony setup in Erie, PA

wedding and reception set up at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel

Sheraton Bayfront Hotel wedding reception setup in Erie, PA

flower arrangement at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel in Erie, PA

bridal table set up at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel in Erie, PA

table setting at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel wedding in Erie, PA

place setting at Sheraton Bayfront Hotel in Erie, PA

In addition to convenience, wedding guests will be treated to delicious food, customized to the couple’s budget. But regardless of budget, the Sheraton’s kitchen does it up right! In 2017, the kitchen at the hotel’s Bayfront Grill was voted number one out of the 250 Sheratons in North America. This is the same kitchen that caters all the weddings. I’ve been lucky to have sampled its offerings and can vouch that it is delicious.

Finally, the staff is committed to doing whatever it takes to realize the vision of the bride and groom. When it comes to decorations, pretty much anything goes, as long as it does not damage the property. They do everything necessary to make the reception beautiful.

Next Steps & Details

For couples that have their hearts set on a particular wedding date, the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel recommends booking at least a year in advance. For those who have some more flexibility, six months ahead of time could work. Anything later than that means that most likely no Fridays or Saturdays will be available. However, Sunday may still be an option. Once spring comes around, the competition for choice dates heats up. Perhaps that’s when the serious planning starts for all those Valentines Day proposals.

The secret to having a great wedding is to eliminate all the stress. A Sheraton Bayfront Hotel wedding will run like clockwork. The stunning vistas from the hotel’s pedestrian bridge and the views of Presque Isle Bay from the reception area make the wedding photos stand out. If you’d like to discuss taking advantage of that beautiful setting to capture the memories of your wedding day, contact me and we’ll get things underway.


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  1. Tom says:

    On Saturday July 7th I was there. Both the parking ticket readers were not working. The parking deck elevator was stuck on the second floor with passengers trapped. The ladies bathroom at the bar was discussing.

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