What is a Silent Disco?

We’ve been in the wedding industry long enough to see what wedding trends stay and what trends go.  While still a giant in the industry, florists have recently added more sustainable options, such as greenery, native plants, succulents, and cacti.   Regarding formal attire, we’ve seen princess ball gown dresses in high fashion and newer fitted dresses with lace overlay.  Within our photography specialty, posed family photos are still trending but with added spontaneous and silly group shots.  

Emerging from our global pandemic, we’ve been inspired by the ways couples have been creative with their resources and weddings.  Opting for outdoor venues, small group weddings, or even destination weddings, we’ve seen many innovative trends from the creative couples we’ve worked with.

Musicless Dancing or Silent Disco

One trend we’re really digging these days is the silent disco.   The silent disco is exactly as it sounds; music streams through wireless headphones, allowing only listeners to hear music.  And while it looks like those listening to the music are getting down and boogying to nothing, the dancer has complete musical control thanks to these wireless headphones.  

Display of headphones for guests at wedding reception

From their humble beginnings at music festivals, silent discos are rising in popularity for several reasons.  For one, silent discos allow for dancing to continue past the popular 10pm noise curfew.  The party can still continue into the late night hours because celebration noise is minimal or next to none.  

Woman reacts to the music coming out of her headphones at Erie Art Museum wedding reception that had a silent disco

As for the music, everyone can listen to the same station and the same songs.  Or, you can get your groove on by choosing your own station and dancing to your own music!  Usually, a DJ provides the stations/playlists for those on the dance floor, busting a move. 

Two guests enjoying their own music at event with silent disco

Couple wearing headphones at wedding reception smiling while slow dancing

Two women dancing to their own music at silent disco event

To anyone of a vintage age, Silent Disco isn’t just for the young and hip.  We’ve seen it enjoyed by all ages.  And the extra perk is the moment you take your headphones off, conversation with guests is that much easier.  No more shouting over the loud reception music!

Woman smiles and kicks her foot up as she listens to music through headphones

Silent Disco – Is it Right for You?

Here are some questions to help you decide if a silent disco is right for you and your wedding:

  1. Do you and your partner have different tastes in music? This can be a game-changer for the groom who wants EDM and the bride who wants honky tonk.  Silent disco allows the listener to dance to various musical genres depending on your musical selection. While Grandma and Grandpa listen to Everly Brothers crooning as they slow dance, your younger guests can “Put a Ring on It” with Beyoncé. 
  2. Is your reception held in one room or one space? If you are dining and dancing in the same ballroom or courtyard, a silent disco could be the answer to your prayers.  For the non-dancers of your reception, a silent disco allows for uninterrupted conversation where you can hear what your tablemates are saying.   
  3. Would you like to surprise your guests with something unique and different from traditional music? Maybe your DJ plays your classic tunes that the whole group loves in the early hours of your reception.  Those party favorites that everyone can dance to and have a good time with.  But after the cake cutting, when some of your guests are ready to say goodbye, you kick up your party a notch with some unexpected silent disco. SURPRISE!! The novelty of surprise never gets old and can be a fun way to celebrate with your family and friends. 
  4. Are you concerned about sounds after curfew?  Most venues have noise restrictions, and music would fall under this category.  Silent disco allows your group to continue the fun after venues enforce noise restrictions. 

Wedding guests wear headphones and dance at silent disco

Let the Art Continue

Whatever your musical agenda, this we know: your wedding day is the start of the music you two will make together, separate from everyone else’s.  It will be a different sound and tune from the music as individuals.  With time, love, and commitment, your two songs become one. And, ultimately, there is no better music than your own love song. 

While you may not be hiring us any time soon for our musical abilities, we make “music” of our own.  Using photography, our art captures those moments of bliss and the music you two make together.    Our art is the stolen kisses when guests are occupied or the tears that fall down your face because your joy has spilled out.  We love being able to help you create moments that are uniquely you on your special day. If that is something we can help you with, give us a call.  We’d love to connect.  


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    Silent Disco=nonstop dancing fun, great post!

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