Loriann and Layne’s Whispering Trees Manor Wedding

It feels like just yesterday I met up with Loriann and Layne for their engagement photo session. We went to the beautiful Wintergreen Gorge and were accompanied by their adorable dog — what could be better? Their Whispering Trees Manor wedding, apparently! I had the immense privilege of reconnecting with this pair for a stunning ceremony. Loriann’s position as a physician’s assistant combined with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very stressful year, and it was so wonderful to see the happy couple get the joy and celebration they deserve.

Smiling couple walk across bridge at Whispering Trees Manor wedding

The Recipe for Love

Growing up, Loriann and Layne attended neighboring high schools but, while the two were always vaguely aware of each other, they didn’t meet until later in life. In fact, it was at a small party her junior year of college that Loriann first spoke with Layne. Their mutual love of sarcasm and determination to make each other laugh kept the conversation flowing all night.

Bride and groom smiling at each other during Whispering Trees Manor wedding

Their first official date was just a few months later when they met up to attempt Loriann’s famous lasagna recipe. The meal might have been savory, but every moment of the day was sweet — from the sun shining through the windows to the cuddles in between steps.

Couple kissing under bride's veil during Whispering Trees Manor wedding

It wasn’t long before Loriann knew that Layne was the one. A loss of a beloved pet and the stress that accompanied COVID-19 proved to the pair that they could be strong through anything. Her confidence in her future with Layne didn’t at all diminish her surprise the day of the big proposal, however. She recalls asking, “What?!” at least five times, having a hard time coming to terms with her shock and excitement.

Recessional photo of couple at Whispering Trees Manor wedding

The Whispering Trees Manor Wedding

I can’t think of a better venue to accompany this happy couple’s smiles than Whispering Trees Manor! The location is serene and private, surrounded by unmatched nature views and colors. As night fell, we couldn’t help but light up the beautiful space once again with a sparkler send-off. This unique end to the evening was so much fun to capture. It was such a joy to see Loriann and Layne’s love lit up by their friends and family.

Wedding ceremony at Whispering Trees Manor

First kiss at Whispering Trees Manor weddingFirst dance at Whispering Trees Manor weddingSparkler send off at Whispering Trees Manor wedding

My favorite part of being a photographer is getting to witness smiles all day long. If you have a joyous occasion coming up, Matt Mead Photography would love to preserve it through professional captures. Contact us today to learn more or book a session.

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