Alanna and James Say I Do With a Betsy’s Barn Wedding

September 6, 2018

The weather forecast looked foreboding and ominous — not what a couple planning an outdoor wedding wants to see. Alanna and James were well-prepared and undeterred by the whims of Mother Nature. The Betsy’s Barn wedding they had planned would go on.

bride and groom embrace at Betsy's Barn wedding

Hitched Without a Hitch

Luckily, Alanna and James had chosen a top-notch venue with the versatility to change from an outdoor wedding, to a beautiful ceremony inside. Calling an audible, the pair of devout football fans moved their rehearsal inside. As a photographer, I know all too well how unpredictable the weather can be, so I’m prepared for most anything, just as Alanna and James and the staff at Betsy’s Barn wedding were when the weather outlook appeared chancy for their chosen day.

Despite the gloomy forecast, the happy couple said their “I do’s” on what turned out to be a gorgeous Pennsylvania day. Still, they chose to keep the ceremony inside since that is how everything was rehearsed beforehand.

couple exchanges vows indoors at Betsy's Barn wedding

bride and groom share first kiss at the end of their Betsy's Barn wedding ceremony

couple celebrate their marriage at the end of their Betsy's Barn wedding ceremony

Boy Meets Girl

James and Alanna met more than three years ago while working at Uno’s Chicago Grill. Alanna admits she was hesitant at first, but James soon won both her heart, and her forever love. Perhaps as a result of her coercing him into watching The Bachelor on their second date. Alanna claims he’s now obsessed with the show, but just maybe James picked up a few tips that made Alanna realize she never wants to let him go.

couple walks hand in hand at Betsy's Barn wedding

couple about to share a kiss at Betsy's Barn wedding

The “Pup’prosal”

One thing the newlyweds readily claim to be obsessed about together, is their dog Bentley. So naturally, it was with the help of their adored pooch that James proposed. Adorned with a note that read “Mommy will you marry Daddy?” Bentley trotted up to Alanna after a long day of teaching. “Of course I said yes!!” Alanna said.

Of course, Bentley took part in the ceremony, sporting a sign that read, “Daddy, here comes our girl.”

Bridesmaid escorts couple's dog down the aisle at Betsy's Barn wedding

Betsy’s Barn Wedding

Located in the serene backdrop of Portersville, a small town surrounded by beautiful McConnell’s Mill State Park, Betsy’s Barn has grown in both popularity and size. The venue, built by a small group of Amish workers, now accommodates up to three hundred people.

all guests and bridal party gathered for a photo at Betsy's Barn wedding

Shooting a Betsy’s Barn wedding is always special. Capturing the memories of the day for Alanna and James proved no different. Instead of a sand ceremony, the celebrants chose to do a tree planting ceremony, which I thought was awesome and had never seen before.

bride and groom pray during Betsy's Barn wedding

couple plants a tree in unique unity ceremony at Betsy's Barn wedding

couple prays over planted unity tree during Betsy's Barn wedding

Happily Ever After

After taking time out of the ceremony to take some sunset photos, Alanna and James bid farewell to their guests amidst a sparkler exit.

couple leaves Betsy's Barn wedding with sparkler exit

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