Sarah & Zak: Rainy Day Romance

Over the years, we’ve found that while love stories sometimes share similar threads, they are always unique from one couple to another. Sarah and & Zak’s story is no exception. Sarah and Zak are a testament to the magic that can unfold when two hearts find one another. Their story began with a serendipitous meeting at a neighborhood bar and then grew into a deep and enduring bond. Thanks to getting its start during the Pandemic, date nights consisted of cooking together and having long, meaningful conversations.

Groom presses face again bride's head as she turns to face the camera


A Chance Meeting

It’s an age-old story, Boy meets Dog, and then Boy meets the Dog’s Girl and the rest is history. Just kidding! Interestingly enough, Zak remembers meeting Sarah’s mom and her sweet pup, Layla, while walking through their neighborhood before he ever knew Sarah existed. One night Sarah’s friend insisted they go to the corner bar, and there she introduced Sarah to Zak. Before it started to get serious, there were several meet-ups as they explored places around town,  but their adventures soon drew them closer. Eventually, Zak began to look at Sarah like she was the only person in the room. It was then that Sarah knew this was meant to be a forever kind of love.

Bride and groom are nose to nose during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square

An Unexpected Proposal

After a unique dating relationship, we would expect nothing less than a unique proposal story! And theirs is definitely that! After enjoying some happy hour drinks at their local corner bar, they returned to their apartment to cook dinner. For days, Sarah had raved about some frozen fish sticks she just couldn’t wait to try. So, Zak put Sarah on the couch and made her a pile of fish sticks and a selection of sauces.  Then, he made himself something else entirely, so she could enjoy all of the fish sticks herself. 

After they enjoyed their meal, Sarah blurted out, “Will you marry me?” 

This exclamation was followed by a bit of awkward laughing and a back and forth of, “Are you serious?” And, “Yes. Are you serious?” Then, realizing they were both, indeed, very serious, next came the “YES!” 

The rest of the evening was full of laughter and overwhelming joy. In the following weeks, Sarah called Zak’s mom and then her parents, asking for their blessings. Then, she bought him a beautiful wooden ring and presented it to him in their living room with a more formal, official proposal. And, of course, he said yes.

Bride and groom smiling at each other during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square

An Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center Wedding

Sarah and Zak’s love for family, meaningful memories, important details, their fur babies, and classic beauty were very evident on their unbelievably stunning wedding day. These two were married at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center on a rainy day in November.  Yep, that’s right, it rained all day, and we were here. for. it! More on the rain in a minute.

We’re convinced that the magic of a wedding day happens in the in-between moments – the smaller moments in between the big ones. This was true of Sarah and Zak’s entire wedding day. The magic was in the details. The pearl necklace around Sarah’s neck. The subtle gold accents against a classic black and white backdrop. A cozy shawl to keep Sarah warm outside. Of course, there was the crazy cool name sign handmade by good friend, Josh, out of found metal objects. 

Handmade sign decorates arch at Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center wedding

Sarah and Zak also invited some special guests to their wedding. Their very good dogs joined in the festivities and we don’t mind saying they were some of the most well-behaved wedding guests we have ever met. And their appearance made for the most delightful photos! We LOVE it when dogs join their humans’ wedding days! It’s the most fun!

Couple poses with their dogs during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square

Now, about that weather. Superstitions be damned, rain on a wedding day has never been so lucky! From the energetic shots of them running under a big black umbrella to the dreamy images of them snuggling behind a glistening curtain of raindrops, their whole library of photos is just perfection. And, our favorite of the night (and maybe of the year!) was this lovely image of them in front of the reception venue at night, under an umbrella, with lit-up raindrops falling all around! 

Couple kissing under a clear umbrella outside Brewerie at night in the rain

Future Dreams

In asking Sarah and Zak what they dream of for the future, we discovered that these two hope to continue finding the magic in life’s simplicity. Cooking together, weekend drives in their Jeep (with the top off, of course!), homemade breakfasts, walks with their dogs, and building projects around the house keep these two connected and in sync with life. They are both eagerly anticipating building new memories together in a comfortable home of their own, and the joy of starting a family. They want to focus on the small moments of happiness, on nurturing their relationships and providing a home in which they can thrive.

When asked what they looked forward to most about their Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center wedding, they simply answered that they just couldn’t wait to be married. We think that’s the perfect way to wrap up this chapter of their story! Because beyond all the perfection of their wedding day, the bottom line is that they promise to stick by one another through thick and thin. This is all that truly matters. So, cheers to Sarah and Zak and a life of turning ordinary moments into the extraordinary!

Bride and groom smile at camera walking through Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

How About You?

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