Earth Friendly Wedding Tips

We’re certainly not here to turn your wedding into a brown paper bag affair with no flair or fun. We’re all for big and maximalist approaches and we also love small and minimalist. But no matter what kind of wedding you’re having, there are so many earth friendly wedding tips out there that won’t take from your vision at all. And really? This approach might bring some uniqueness to your wedding in ways you couldn’t imagine.

It’s 2024 and we are all much more aware of the larger consequences of some of our smaller actions. If you just take a moment to look into the world of mined diamonds, for example, there has to be a better way (and there is).

And then there’s all the waste that comes after a wedding: flowers, decorations, and a lot of those favors you spend so much time onĀ  — much of that can end up in the trash, not to mention all the leftover food.

Again, we’re not trying to be big bummers about all of this, and that’s why we come with a list of earth friendly wedding tips that also can be fun and interesting and, well, cool. ((smile))

earth friendly wedding tips

Seasonal flowers and a beautiful outdoor setting

Earth friendly wedding tips: Consider your venue

Are you working with a venue who thinks about sustainability? Is the building LEED certified? Does it just sit empty when there are no weddings or is it used most of the time? Are they using linens instead of disposable? Again, often the earth friendly choice is the more elegant choice.

Think local

As an Erie business, we sure love to recommend other Erie businesses. But you can take this up a notch when you consider using seasonal foods and flowers, local musicians, local artists to design your invitations. Just local local local. The fewer miles something travels to get to your wedding, the better.

Using leftovers

Are there plans for leftover food and floral centerpieces after the wedding? You can look to divert leftover food to a pantry and leftover floral pieces could be taken to senior centers.

Look for spaces with natural decoration

Why get married in a blank space that needs a ton of stuff brought in to match your wedding aesthetic when you could find a place that already does that? We just wrote about the Schoolhouse venue in Fairview and that’s a great example and a space in which you’d barely have to do a thing. Indoors and outdoors both, it’s already so beautiful.

And of course, we have the lake. What could be a more beautiful backdrop to an outdoor wedding? Absolutely no decor required. Is there a more environmentally friendly wedding than that?

earth friendly wedding tips

Bubbles for the exit!

Don’t litter during your exit

Every little bit counts. And rice and tiny pieces of paper are still a mess that someone needs to clean up or ends up not being cleaned up. There are a ton of great environmentally friendly wedding exit options. You could toss lavender, flower petals, wildflower seeds (if you’re somewhere where this is allowed and helpful), micro flowers. Any of this could be put in small recyclable paper bags and handed out to your guests or you could have it in large baskets that guests simply grab a handful from.

Consider estate jewelry

As far as earth friendly wedding tips go, this one seems like an up-level as opposed to any kind of “sacrifice.” Vintage rings can be absolute stunners and you are guaranteed it’s more unique than something that’s been created over and over to be sold at a modern jeweler. You could also consider using family heirloom jewelry. Perhaps one of your parents has a beautiful stone that can be reset.

You can go this route even for your wedding bands. And the actual search could be a real adventure!

Or shop sustainable diamonds

And sometimes you have something in mind that will not be found in a vintage shop or your parents’ jewelry boxes. Instead of buying mined diamonds, there are now so many options when it comes to lab grown. And there are other stones that take fewer resources and cause less harm to mine. There are also organizations out there that certify diamonds as ethically sourced. Investigate. Find the right fit for the two of you.

Consider an eco-friendly registry

Do you really just want “stuff?” Or do you want to build a home and life surrounded by things of beauty that carry meaning and purpose? You can start right from the beginning by registering for items that fit your commitment to your earth friendly wedding (and life). Imagine that people purchasing for you might even learn something. You could also register with stores that pledge part of their profits to environmental causes.

Really think about your honeymoon

Is there a way to have a fantastic honeymoon and still lower your carbon footprint? Check out these destinations. (And no, it doesn’t mean you’re camping or using a composting toilet! HA!)

earth friendly wedding tips

Barely any decor needed

What you wear

This is a big one so we left it for last. There’s so much to consider. Firstly, do you want to buy a really expensive dress that gets worn once? Maybe you do, but that doesn’t mean it has to be part of fast fashion. You might even know someone local who is a designer. Or again, really take a moment to consider secondhand. That’s not a word most want to hear when it comes to their dream wedding but there’s a lot of good stuff out there. And of course, the groom can either rent or buy a suit that he knows he’ll get lots of wear out of.

If you do want a more typical dress, can it be cut down and dyed afterward for party wear? And here are some leads on dresses that are more ethically made from sustainable materials (no… not burlap!).

Earth friendly wedding tips

…not so bad, right? Even if everyone just did a couple of these things, that alone would make a huge difference when you consider the size of the wedding industry. So don’t feel pressured to be some sort of “perfect” in your approach. Do the things that speak to your heart and that you can handle without any added stress.

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