Ways to save money on your wedding

Weddings keep getting more expensive. Expectations around the parts of weddings keep growing… exponentially. Years ago, you could just ask a friend to be a bridesmaid, maybe over a drink or some food. Now there’s this whole bridesmaid proposal thing going on — with gifts! And that’s not even considering how many weddings are now destination weddings, turning the whole thing into a multi-day event where most guests expect constant entertainment and activities. PHEW! We’re here to help with ways to save money on your wedding.

None of this means that your wedding has to look or feel “cheap” or that you have to give up on your dream wedding. Or your dream dress. Or your dream honeymoon, for that matter.

Looking at ways to save money on your wedding also doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out our tips for an earth friendly wedding. Many of those tips are creative and fun and will also save you some dollars.

Let’s dig in…

ways to save money on your wedding

Bigger ways to save money on your wedding

Think about your date

The months and days that are most popular for weddings are going to be more costly, for sure. There’s so much demand that venues and vendors can charge more. That’s just the reality of this economy. (Like in Erie how hotel rates go up during good weather.)

A simple change of month and day can be one of the top ways to save money on your wedding.

The off season for weddings pretty much runs from November through March. In a place like Erie, April would probably also be considered off season. Does an off season month fit into your story as a couple? For example, if you met in December, why not get married then? That’s very romantic.

And if you get married in a colder month, how much more fun will a hot weather location be for your honeymoon?

Also think about the day of the week. Obviously Saturday is the most popular wedding day of the week. Could you do a Friday evening or even a Sunday afternoon? (Still taking into account what’s convenient and doable for your guests.)

Think seasonal for food and flowers

Another of the top ways to save money on your wedding is to not have a church or venue full of hot house flowers brought in from who knows where. Instead think about what’s in season and easier to get.

Same goes for food. Think seasonal. What’s actually being grown in the ground when you’re getting married.

ways to save money on your wedding

Pare down that guest list…

Not every single person you’ve ever met since you were in middle school has to be invited. Nor does every single work colleague or friend of your mother. This can take some serious boundary work to make clear to the, well, parents in particular. Remember that this is your wedding, not their do-over nor their party.

Fewer guests really does mean a smaller bill. (Not necessarily less work.) And think about the intimacy of a smaller wedding where you get to spend quality time with the people who are your true inner circles.

…and the party members

Wedding parties have gotten… quite large in some cases. Why? Because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or we think bigger is better. If you really want a huge wedding party, ask yourself why and get honest with yourself about what you actually need.

The important thing when you’re looking at ways to save money on your wedding is to be very clear about your non-negotiables and get very flexible about everything else.

So if the size of your wedding party is something you can be flexible about, start to consider who has truly been a rock for you over the years or maybe who helped bring you and your spouse to-be together. And no, you don’t have to include all of your and their siblings. Maybe just don’t include any siblings to make it even easier. They could always do other things, like share a reading or greet guests.

Forgo some of the pre-parties

Another thing to remember: there are no rules. You get to do you.

You don’t have to have an engagement party or even any showers or bachelorette/bachelor parties or trips. You get to choose what’s best for you and sometimes that means saving that money for your future together.

If you don’t want to get rid of those things altogether, just simplify. Not everything has to be a big to-do. Or even a medium t0-do!

ways to save money on your wedding

Some other little ways to save money on your wedding

  • think outside the box when it comes to your wedding ceremony venue. Consider restaurants, city parks, museums, or even libraries. Maybe there’s a venue that is part of your story that wouldn’t be obvious at first. Think it through.
  • BYOB or stick to wine and beer. A simpler drink menu can save quite a bit.
  • you don’t have to have a big tiered cake. Maybe you love cupcakes. Even better, maybe you have a loved one who loves to make cupcakes.
  • which leads to: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. But also don’t overburden people.
  • simplify your invitations. They don’t have to be the heaviest stock of paper, nor do they have to have liners. They end up in the trash eventually (the vast majority of them). Or even go all digital. People can figure these things out. Even your oldest aunt.
  • see if you can snag your dress on a sample sale!
  • often a buffet is more expensive than plated meals so be sure to research that.
  • look for the words “all inclusive” when you’re considering venues.
  • do you need a limo or do you have a friend or family member who has a vehicle that would be just lovely enough?
  • consider really limiting the flowers. Do bridesmaids need big bouquets or would they look just as lovely carrying a few stems? Do you need flowers on every table or would some candles do?
  • and finally: ELOPE! And have a lovely party later.

When you’re thinking about your wedding, consider this quote:

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance. (Jon Franklin)

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