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Andrew and Jennifer’s Edinboro PA Engagement Session

One thing I’ve learned over the years as a photographer is that, thanks to the weather, not all outdoor engagement sessions go as planned. I recently photographed Andrew Matt and Jennifer Davis for their Edinboro PA engagement session. We had to improvise once the rain showed up, but the engagement session still turned out to be a great success.

Couple cuddling against walkway in Edinboro PA engagement session


Andy and Jennifer first met in July 2016. They had started out chatting online, and after the first week of getting to know each other, they decided to meet in person. Their first date was a coffee date at Tim Hortons in Meadville. The couple really hit it off and wound up staying so late that the staff finally had to ask them to leave so they could close up for the night.

Over the next several months, the couple grew closer. Jennifer realized six months into their relationship that she had found the person she wanted to be with forever. Andy found himself falling in love over the course of time, and in February 2018 he proposed.

Couple about to kiss during Edinboro PA engagement session


Andy and Jennifer were enjoying a quiet day at home. While hanging out on the couch, Jennifer pulled up Pinterest and started pointing out the engagement rings that she liked. She pointed at one particular ring and jokingly said, “I’d say yes to this ring.”

Andy’s response? He got up from the couch and left.

But when he returned, he had a ring of his own and asked, “Would you say yes to this ring?” And the rest is history.

Couple kisses under an umbrella in Edinboro PA engagement session


I met up with Andy and Jennifer at Edinboro University for their engagement session. Andy happens to work on campus, so the couple was familiar with the setting and comfortable in front of the camera. It seems that over time, they have developed their unique way of communicating. Sometimes I wasn’t always sure what they were saying, but they had no problems understanding each other. It was so cute and special.

The day was going well for us, but then the rain showed up. No worries! We moved to Andy and Jennifer’s house where I was greeted by a friendly group of animals, including Austin. Austin is their border collie, and he felt right at home with the camera too. He quickly turned into the star of the session making this whole group fun to work with.

Couple walk with their dog during Edinboro PA engagement session


Andy and Jennifer are one of the couples I have the privilege of photographing in the coming year. Austin will also be there on their special day to fulfill his memorable role as ring bearer. I can’t wait to join them on their wedding at Edinboro University campus.

Couple walks with their dog during Edinboro PA engagement session

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