Jennifer and Andrew’s Sweet, Summer Wedding at Edinboro University

August 1, 2019

As a photographer, I sometimes get to enjoy being a part of some of the most romantic parts of a couple’s progression toward their wedding. This is the case with Andrew Matt and Jennifer Davis. I was able to photograph both their engagement session and their wedding. Both events were very special, but it really ended up being a summer wedding at Edinboro University that their family and friends will never forget.

Bridal party walks the Edinboro University campus

A New Beginning for Mr. and Mrs. Matt

This couple met online and after only a week, they had their first “meeting” over coffee at Tim Hortons, located in Meadville, PA. Little did they know that the future had in store on that July 7, 2016, when they sat in a coffee shop for so long that the staff had to ask them to leave.

Bride and groom walking campus at wedding at Edinboro University

Two and a half years later, they were looking for a wedding photographer in Erie, PA and I was lucky enough to be chosen. As wedding plans and photograph sessions began, I came to realize how much a part of their lives revolved around Edinboro University and why they would choose to have their nuptials take place there.

Bride and groom walk the campus before their wedding at Edinboro University

It makes perfect sense. Andy works for the university. A large part of their lives together is centered there. It does not come as a surprise that they decided to host their wedding at this location. Ultimately, both their engagement and wedding photoshoots took place on this beautiful campus.

A Magical Summer Wedding at Edinboro University

On June 29, 2019 two lives became one. Their first look took place at the standing stones, which made for some very beautiful photographs. The Standing Stones may be a tribute to the University’s Scottish roots, but the sentimentality behind it has nothing on the emotions that were expressed between Andy and Jennifer. They were unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. Their love was written on their faces clearly and I am happy I was there to capture it.

Bride and groom laugh next to Standing Stones at their wedding at Edinboro University

Bride and groom embrace next to Standing Stones at their wedding at Edinboro University

Bride looks at groom lovingly during wedding at Edinboro University

From there, we went into Edinboro University’s Pogue Center for the wedding ceremony. Their wedding was as unique as they are, even down to their ring bearer. In this case, their ring bearer was their rescue collie, Austin. He is a beautiful dog and a huge part of their lives together. I thought it was great to have him play such an important role in their ceremony.

Couple exchanges vows during wedding at Edinboro University

First kiss at a wedding at Edinboro University

Let the Future Begin

After the wedding, we stepped back outside for the couple’s portraits. This took place at the enormous Statue of Angus. There is something amazing about having a 12-foot-tall bronze statue in your wedding photo shoot. This statue is a battle-ready Scotsman that symbolizes school pride, which is also perfect for this couple.

Bride and groom hold hands and kiss in front of Angus statue at their wedding at Edinboro University

For this couple, these photographs are perfect because I get the feeling that no matter what comes their way, they will stay as strong as Angus. They will face their challenges and be even stronger for it. I am grateful they let me be a part of their beginning.

Bride and groom share first dance during their wedding at Edinboro University

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Erie PA., simply contact us. We are always happy to become a part of your life together, even if for only a few moments in time.

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