Megan and Bryant’s Fall Engagement Photos in Frontier Park

When it came to the Frontier Park fall engagement photos of Megan Schafer and Bryant Sapone, the word of the day was “determination.”

After having to reschedule their fall engagement photo session twice due to bad weather and illness, I was DETERMINED to capture Megan and Bryant’s photos. After seeing this couples’ winning smiles, there was no way I could let any more obstacles stop this shoot from happening.

Luckily for all of us, the third time was the charm!

Erie PA woman hugs fiance during fall engagement photos in Frontier PArk

How They Met

According to Megan, “No matter how bad we want to lie about it…we met on Tinder!”

Their Tinder connection led to Facebook messaging. After a week or so of chatting, Bryant informed Megan she seemed like a “pretty cool girl” and asked her out for coffee.

As soon as they met, Megan told me it was like, “meeting an old friend I hadn’t seen in forever.” They felt comfortable and silly together all at once. Bryant asked her if she had plans for the weekend. Despite trying her best to play it cool, she told him to contact her and he did.

Almost two years later and they’ve had plans together every weekend ever since.

Erie PA couple are about to kiss during fall engagement photos at Frontier Park

Bryant’s Proposal

It wasn’t a great day for them as fishermen, but it was an amazing one for them as a couple.

They would often take their kayaks to paddle around the Eaton Reservoir and fish. On May 2, 2018, Bryant called her as she was getting out of work. He told her he had picked up some beers and sushi – a normal date night for them out by the water.

Pretty soon after Megan would realize this was no ordinary date night.

As they walked to their usual spot, Bryant asked Megan, “Is this your favorite place?” She told him it was.

She threw her fishing line out a few times. Unfortunately, she came up empty handed. As she complained about her lack of luck in the fishing department, Bryant suggested, “Why don’t you try this?”

She turned around to see him down on one knee, with an open ring box.

Megan soon said yes on what she would call “the best day of my life thus far.”

So while she was unable to catch any fish, luckily she caught herself one heck of a guy!

Woman sneaks up on her fiance during fall engagement photos in Frontier Park

Fall Engagement Photos in Frontier Park

We filmed the fall engagement photo session for Megan and Bryant in one of Erie’s most beautiful locations, Frontier Park.

They also included their dog Willow, who was absolutely adorable. Dogs add a fun element to any session, and good old Willow here did not disappoint. She was an incredibly good girl.

All in all, this was a beautiful session with a beautiful, fun-loving couple. This was a fantastic fall engagement photo session in a peaceful, tranquil, natural backdrop. Can’t wait to capture their wedding at Majestic Woods!

Couple walk their dog during fall engagement photos in Frontier Park in Erie, PA

Erie, PA couple play with their black dog during fall engagement photos at Frontier Park

Dog runs toward camera during fall engagement photos at Frontier Park

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