Megan and Bryant’s Beautiful Majestic Woods Wedding

We shot Megan Schafer and Bryant Sapone’s engagement photos at Frontier Park back in January. It was a favorite engagement session of ours because we also got to meet their adorable dog, Willow. We knew after that engagement session that Megan and Bryant’s Majestic Woods wedding was sure to be just as memorable.

Bride and groom dancing at Majestic Woods wedding reception

Meet the Couple

“No matter how much we want to lie about it,” Megan says, “We met on Tinder!” From there, the relationship moved to Facebook Messenger and then to a coffee date at Brick House Café on 26th Street. “It was like meeting with an old friend I had known forever,” Megan says.

After the date, Bryant asked if they could do something the following weekend. Despite her panic, Megan said yes — and they’ve had plans almost every weekend since then.

Bryant picked Megan up from her family’s house the night of their first date. They then went to Chopstix for dinner and then to an Otters game. After the game, the two went to BIG BAR for drinks and then to a casino for some gambling. “It was such an eventful first date — I’ll never forget it,” Megan says.

Bride and groom kissing next to cake table at Majestic Woods

The Power of “We”

Megan and Bryant have been together for two years now.

“Since we’ve been together, Bryant has always planned ahead. He’s never made me feel like we would ever be apart from each other and he’s always using the word ‘we’. Just that little word makes me feel so much at home.”

The day Megan first told Bryant she loved him, “I think I scared him,” she laughs. “But I felt it and I meant it.” She said, “I think I love you.” After nearly choking, he told her he loves her, too.

Megan says Bryant “was the one I’ve waited for my whole life and I was one hundred percent sure of it. He’s pushed me out of my comfort zone on so many levels and put so much adventure in my life. I don’t think he’ll ever know how much he’s completed me as a person.”

The two even have fun nicknames for each other. They call each other “Penny”, “Pean”, and “Peanut. The names originated from a morning when, after watching the movie IT, Megan’s hair was a mess. Bryant jokingly referred to her as “Pennywise”. Since then, “Pennywise” turned to “Penny”, and then “Peanut”. “We’ve been Peanuts ever since!” Megan laughs.

Groom puts his hand on top of bride's hand during wedding reception at Majestic Woods

The Proposal at Eaton Reservoir

Bryant proposed on May 2nd, 2018 at Eaton Reservoir. Eaton is the couple’s favorite spot. It’s where they fish and paddle around on their kayaks.

Megan got a call from Bryant as she was getting off work. He called to tell her he had sushi and beer ready for another one of their date nights by the water. They took chairs and a blanket for the picnic.

Megan began fishing, casting her line out a few times to no avail. “Here,” Bryant said, “why don’t you try this?” Megan turned around to find him on one knee with the open ring box.

Couple kissing under the covered bridge at Majestic Woods wedding

A Majestic Woods Wedding

Megan and Bryant got married on October 4th, 2019, at Majestic Woods in Clymer, New York. The venue was breathtaking.

Best man steadies groom as he exchanges rings with bride at Majestic Woods

First kiss from a guest's perspective at a Majestic Woods wedding

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage at the end of their Majestic Woods wedding ceremony

Our favorite part of the venue was the gorgeous covered bridge — we were obsessed. We got some beautiful shots there.

Bride and groom standing under covered bridge at Majestic Woods

Thank you, Megan and Bryant, for letting us get to know you and be a part of your wedding. We wish you “Peanuts” a happy life.

Bride and groom kissing under covered bridge at Majestic Woods

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