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Maria & James’ Intimate Wedding at Headwaters Park

Did you know that your back story is important to us?  We want to hear how you met, your favorite date, plus what you like to do together.  And we want to know what dreams you have for your future. Learning about you and what makes your relationship unique and special is one of the tools we utilize to help bring out your best self in front of the camera. It’s our secret sauce, if you will!  It helps us get to know you and helps you feel comfortable being photographed.  We don’t want just to be your wedding photographer.  We want to be there to celebrate and preserve your big life moments – your engagement, anniversaries, and family portrait photographer.  

Bride and groom looking at each other at Headwaters Park

When It All Starts at a Hockey Game

We loved learning more about Maria and James!   We love that these two met at a hockey game and that James proposed to Maria while they were snowboarding.  Getting to know your back story helps us understand what is important to you, giving you the photographic images of your dreams.

Recessional photo of couple at the end of their wedding at Headwaters Park

This fun-loving, athletic couple met in person in January 2019. A month later, they naturally talked about what they were looking for in a relationship and communicating about future life plans. Maria was drawn to James’s genuine interest in her and her future and appreciated having these deep conversations to see if their goals aligned.  Maria said it best, that James “gave me a sense of security and sureness! And to this day, James makes me feel this way. No doubts or uneasiness.  This is how I knew that he was the one!”

Bride and groom walk hand in hand for bridal portraits at their Headwaters Park wedding

A Snowboarding Proposal

To celebrate their second anniversary, James and Maria took a snowboarding trip to the mountains of Big Bear Lake in CA.  James pulled Maria aside as they exited the lift, ready to cruise down the slopes.  Maria, who only snowboards a couple of times a year, was eager to head down the mountain and did not want to stop to talk with James.  As James professed his love, Maria was confused at the timing of his expression of love and frustrated that she wasn’t already shredding some snow!   After he got down on one knee, Maria quickly figured out why James chose this moment to confess his love. It was a pretty easy “Yes!” for her as she happily accepted James’s proposal while exchanging a mountainous kiss.  

First kiss at the end of a wedding at Headwaters Park

An Enchanted Forest Wedding at Headwaters Park

James and Maria chose to have their wedding ceremony at Headwaters Park, a diverse, dense and forested conservation park. It’s a private and unique venue for an outdoor wedding ceremony featuring streams, bridges, and mature hardwoods throughout the park. If you love nature and an organic, intimate feel, check Headwaters Park as an unexpected wedding ceremony venue!

Wedding ceremony at headwaters Park

In a small and intimate setting, James and Maria said, “I do,” surrounded by a forest of trees.  Maria was turning heads in an off the shoulders lace gown.  James, dapper in a navy blue suit, with his floral tie matching the groomsmen.    We especially appreciated the unique aspects of James and Maria’s ceremony, including the rosary lasso prayer, a tradition that honors their heritage and commitment to each other in the eyes of God, their family, and friends.  The rosary used in their ceremony is a family heirloom, dating back to Maria’s great-grandparents’ wedding.  

Lasso ceremony at Headwaters Park wedding

Preserving your Best Memories on your Best Day

We love capturing the history and traditions of weddings! And we love getting to know you and what makes your relationship successful. We want to celebrate and toast you with wine because we believe you’re better when together. Give us a call when you’re ready to talk about how we can celebrate you from behind our camera lens. Cheers!

Bride and groom on bridge at Headwaters Park

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