A Madeline’s Wedding for Erika & Ian

Want in on a little inside photo secret? One of the best parts of my job as a wedding photographer is capturing memorable moments.  Hands down, one of my favorites, are the reactions as the bride walks down the aisle.  Infectious smiling and goodwill that overflows through every guest are a given.  But, here’s what I look for.  I look for that moment.  The first glimpse.  The one where the groom sees his bride. It’s a magical moment and ever so emotional.  It’s what I loved about Ian and Erika’s wedding. It was the look on Ian’s face, as he looked down the aisle toward Erika, and you see love as clear as day.Groom reacts to seeing bride walk down the aisle at Madeline's wedding

Bride smiles as she walks down aisle at Madeline's wedding

What’s the look? It’s the holding of your arms into your body because you can’t believe your dreams are coming true.  It looks like the feeling of a hundred butterflies fluttering through your body. Of your breath coming shallow and your heart pounding. It looks like the sensation of a gravitational pull toward your person.  And it’s the ultimate look of overwhelming amazement that this is the person who you get to be with forever while thinking, “How did I get so damn lucky?”  That’s the first glimpse.  

Couple touching foreheads at Madeline's

The Madeline’s Wedding

I’m so thankful to have captured Ian and Erika’s wedding day.  After dating for six years, this good food-eating and nature-loving couple were thrilled to celebrate with family and friends.  I loved the individuality of their ceremony and how it symbolized who they are.  Rather than a unity candle or sand, the two craft beer lovers chose to symbolize their union by crafting their own beer, with her light craft and his dark.  Cheers to the new couple!

Wedding ceremony at Madeline's in Cranesville, PA

First kiss at Madeline's wedding in Cranesville, PA

It was a keeper of a day and I was so glad to have been there. This daytime September wedding and reception at Madeline’s in Cranesville, PA, just outside of Erie, provided greenery and scenic views that stretched well past the wedding venue.   With the ceremony held under a wooden arch, the pond in the background provided soothing water views.   Erika, resplendent in a flowing long-sleeved lace gown, held a smile that never left her face.  One glance at Ian and you can sense that he was unbelievably happy, clothed in a dark tailored suit and full beard, with a look of sheer pride beaming upon his face. 

Couple smiling at each other for bridal portraits at Madeline's in Cranesville, PA

We wish them many, many years of wedding bliss.  And we selfishly hope that their dreams of future travel really do include the taco and margarita food truck they hope to drive around in the future!  

Silhouette of couple as bride steals groom's hat

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